MartinT’s beer travels to Lithuania mentionned in NY times!!

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beers 6219 º places 450 º 19:30 Fri 1/11/2013

A traveler, writer, ratebeer admin and friend is cited in the ny times travel section. Congrats Martin!

I saw that article today; I didn’t know there was such a tradition for beer in Lithuania. Fascinating.

beers 2821 º places 34 º 19:49 Fri 1/11/2013

I have been salivating as I watch the reviews from his Lithuanian travels pour in. Truly amazing efforts out there, Martin! Thanks for shedding some much needed light on a neglected yet deep fascinating scene, which sounds like it is NOT to be missed.

Martin has been a huge influence in shaping my travel plans for the coming year, and I know I am not the only one. Absolutely splendid work!

beers 1281 º 20:58 Fri 1/11/2013


beers 10911 º places 543 º 21:10 Fri 1/11/2013

I wish I’d gotten to spend more time there - but my single day in Vilnius last year was absolutely amazing. So much interesting beer - to say nothing of the history of the country itself.

beers 5136 º places 238 º 21:33 Fri 1/11/2013

Wow... Congrats Martin. One of RB’s most outstanding members. Sounds like a dream vacation.

As per #40 Ireland, nothing represents the Emerald Isle like Stella Artois.

beers 11906 º places 307 º 22:32 Fri 1/11/2013

Several years back, Martin wrote some great stuff for ratebeer regarding his travels and beery adventures in Franconia. Always a great read. I’d imagine it could be found in the archives fairly easily. That series of articles inspired me to trade for around 48 Franconian lagers a couple years ago. For me, it was a virtual journey through the Franconian landscape of cities, towns, villages and their associated breweries without actually spending the cash it would take to get there.

I would pull up one of Martin’s Franconian articles while sitting on the back deck drinking those un-exported Franconian lagers. It was really cool.

Didn’t Martin co-write a published beer/culinary book that won some type of award a couple years back? What was that? Anyone?

Looking forward to his yearly visit to south Florida later this month.

Martin, the south Florida crew is keeping bar stools warm for you at Coffee District and Funky Buddha. Come on down... oh, and don’t forget to bring some ice cider!

beers 3464 º places 12 º 22:50 Fri 1/11/2013

The book is called "La Route des grands crus de la bière".

beers 106 º places 107 º 23:38 Fri 1/11/2013

went when the country was still communist,but on the cusp of seperation.amazing time,people were lovely.most of been great to have been there recently!

beers 25023 º places 725 º 23:53 Fri 1/11/2013

I raise a glass of The Dissident to you, Martin

beers 204 º 02:24 Sat 1/12/2013

What about Glouglouburp’s travels there?