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02:13 Thu 2/23/2017

What is Mashing process?Maybe you are a little puzzling about it.Now let me give some simple introduction about it in the article.
As you know,there are various hydrolase in the malts.It can utilize these hydrolase at a certain suitable conditions to dissolve the indiscerptible macromolecule which contained in the malts and auxiliary material into the discerptible macromolecule.This process called mashing process.
That macromolecule from the malts and auxiliary material called extractum.The extractum is mainly component of various fermentation saccharides (including maltose,Isomaltotriose and glucose),non-fermentable sugar,protein,amylan and mineral substance.The saccharides amount in the wort raise a little than the barley saccharides,for the 11-12°P wort,those fermentable saccharides possess 61%-65% of total extractum,which play the role of the final fermentation degree.
During the mashing process ,about 75-80% raw material(malts and auxiliary material) could be dissolved,the rest part of the raw material will be discharged with the spent grain bed together.
In the mashing process,main dissolved substance include starch decomposition,protein decomposition,glucose decomposition,which dissolve rely on the enzyme reaction.And the temperature and PH has influnce on the enzyme reaction.

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beers 2449 º places 57 º 07:41 Thu 2/23/2017

I assume you will be adding an advertising link or ringtone link in the very near future.

beers 23746 º places 200 º 10:03 Thu 2/23/2017

Wrong forum, should be in homebrew forum!

beers 1490 º places 271 º 11:56 Thu 2/23/2017

Originally posted by Ratman197
Wrong forum, should be in homebrew forum!

Just what I was thinking.

beers 10981 º places 349 º 15:52 Thu 2/23/2017

Cool! the mashingProsess looks much fun and very select! I am crazy of it!

beers 5113 º places 181 º 15:54 Thu 2/23/2017

I prefer passports with my mash.

beers 5369 º places 54 º 16:26 Thu 2/23/2017

Originally posted by fly
Originally posted by Ratman197
Wrong forum, should be in homebrew forum!

Just what I was thinking.


beers 6342 º places 200 º 06:45 Fri 2/24/2017

So your saying use hot water to convert the starches to fermentable sugars? What would you say the target temperature range of that water should be? How does the variation of temperature of the mash affect the wort that you collect? Does mash pH matter? If it does how do you control it? I think that is what this homebrew forum needs is more people ready to share knowledge. I gotta run. Thanks for the info. cheerstevo

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