Mass Online Tasting- Budvars Light and Dark

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beers 25686 º places 386 º 22:08 Sun 7/15/2012

Its Tomorrow (TUESDAY)

Usual format.

Meet over in a thread in the English Forum

Open the Beers when your ready

usually from about 7:30

chat and say what you think

beers 6355 º places 233 º 22:26 Sun 7/15/2012

It’s always 7:30 somewhere. AM or PM?

beers 25686 º places 386 º 23:08 Sun 7/15/2012

Originally posted by Cletus
It’s always 7:30 somewhere. AM or PM?

PM :-) and UK time, so 2:30 EST

we dont have Many North Americans join us but we have had a few.

beers 5928 º places 294 º 04:26 Mon 7/16/2012

eh, why not.

beers 25686 º places 386 º 08:34 Mon 7/16/2012

FOr those that dont know we meet online most months to rerate a widely available beers. Its a great chance to revisit i beer you may not have had in a while

beers 19159 º places 37 º 12:59 Mon 7/16/2012

Alright, come on all you ratebeer dudes, Budvar Budweiser tasting. Everyone can find a bottle somewhere. Get off your damn lazy arses, get a bottle and rate it tomorrow. We are doing both light and dark. You can even do your own blend if you want to.

Now, go out and buy a bottle and join in the fun.

Otherwise I have to talk to Craig myself, which is only 2D, so we need more people to make it 3D.

beers 19159 º places 37 º 13:07 Mon 7/16/2012

Originally posted by Marko
eh, why not.

Be good to see you there.

beers 19159 º places 37 º 15:43 Mon 7/16/2012

Right, you bunch of miserable drinkers, IF you don’t turn up tomorrow evening for the Budvar tasting, I know where most of you live and I will send SilkTork and imdownthepub round to re-create that interminable discussion about the difference between a porter and a stout that took place at that vegetarian pub in Jericho, Oxford some years ago. After 2 hours I started to gnaw my hand off. In fact it turned into a scene from Jericho in the Holy Land with people wailing at walls. It was that bad it almost drove me to order a vegan meal. Seriously I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that again. It was like having the Spanish Inquisition. Yeah, and believe me, if you don’t show yourselves on Tuesday night, there won’t be any comfy chairs for you, just an endless conversation that drove me to drink Skol Super in the next pub.

So to prevent a fate worse than utter, utter, utter tedium, make sure you get yourselves a bottle of the best selling Czech beer in the UK market.

And I got out of bed to type this, so make sure you are there.