McAuslan brewing sold to RJ

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This is relatively big news, especially for us here in Quebec. Now I wonder what will Boreal do to secure it’s marketshare.

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I noticed a pretty steep decline in the quality of McAuslan over the past 5 years, I don’t see this as a move that will turn this trend around.

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Hopefully the McAuslan brews continue their high quality. Interesting move. I expect that the options for Peter to make his exit were limited without selling out to the big boys.

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Matt/Jer: so, is the quality high or low?

It’s odd to see this transpire as I would have pegged McAuslan to have bought out other Quebec brewers as more likely than being bought out themselves.

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I’m surprised to hear Matt say quality is low. They remained one of the best big microbrewers (up there with Unibroue before it was sold, and almost par with a brewery like Boreal). Not the most innovative, but with solid products like their pale ale, their recently improved IPA, imperial stout, scotch ale and others.

The partnership with RJ began some time ago, with the only notable difference for me being a gain in distro power and thus a reduction in cost (they were able to sell beers at the same price point as molson/labatt’s fake micros and below internationals like heineken hoegaarden etc.)

I think they will certainly be a force to reckon with as contrarily to sleemans, I don’t see RJ being gobbled up by one of the really big boys (although who knows).

My question in regard to boreal is what are they going to do now? As a brewery that was competing for the same clientel as rj and mcauslan they will either have to match the price, or compete in quality with the "real" micros, which they have arguably started doing with releases like their IPA.

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I don’t think that overall the quality of beer produced by McAuslan is low I’ve just seen gradual, steady decline in both their oatmeal stout and pale ale. Both were staples in my fridge but my last few purchases of both were heavy on diacetyl. It just seems to me the quality is slipping from their once lofty rank as one of the worlds best.

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Gotcha. Haven’t noticed this myself, but then I haven’t bought their bottles in a while either (they are a bar brewery for me).

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I generally don’t drink anything other than the Oatmeal Stout, but I have always thought it was pretty good. I was thinking the same thing as CapFlu, I would have thought McAuslan would be doing the buying but it sounds like Peter and Ellen wanted out, and presumably did well financially in doing so.