Mead shops in Warsawa

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beers 4330 º places 191 º 13:42 Sat 5/11/2013

Going to visit Warsawa this summer and want to get advice where to find good mead shops there.



beers 19872 º places 696 º 13:55 Sat 5/11/2013

I had these notes from 2009. A bit old, but they may still help a bit...

beers 4330 º places 191 º 01:25 Sun 5/12/2013

Excellent document, tnx a ton :)


05:12 Wed 5/22/2013

My wife said google sklep monopolowy (Liquor Store). I drove through Warsaw last spring just to get to and from the Airport. 6 years ago I stayed in Warsaw but donít recall any mead stores but I wasnít really looking.

beers 404 º places 3 º 08:13 Wed 5/22/2013

Iíve found an online shop that sells polish mead. They have couple of liqour stores in Warsaw. - here is the list of shops. Leclerc markets often have a nice selection of liqours of any kinds. The one in my city sometimes sells mead, but i donít know if the one in Warsaw do. I only recall that it is on Aspekt 79 street. Maybe someone from Warsaw will be able to aid you with more information. I suppose there are some "Warszawiacy" (people from Warsaw) here.

beers 3625 º places 208 º 00:58 Fri 5/24/2013

You wonít find any meads stores per se probably, but thereís no need for that. In every large supermarket (Auchan, Real, Tesco etc.) you will find about 20 different meads, mostly from the bigger meaderies (Apis, Huzar, TiM). Most smaller liquor stores (Alkohole, Sklep Monopolowy etc., you will spot such a shop intuitively walking down the street) also carry some meads. With the Maciej Jaros meadery things are more tricky, since you have to know where to look for them. Here is a list of shops in Warszawa that have them: