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Thread Frozen

beers 16102 º places 621 º 07:24 Tue 8/31/2010

I guess with the absence of a Baltic States or Eastern Europe metro, do the Finns mind invasions into their metro by us southerners?

We can promise to prefix all threads with ’EST:’ or equivalent, so you don’t have to read about all our wonderful pissy lager rebadges if you don’t want to. (But I know the tickers want to know about the newest beershakes ;-) )

beers 17571 º places 333 º 13:55 Thu 9/16/2010

You are welcomed.

Finnish-Baltic metro is ok for me.

beers 26488 º places 199 º 20:14 Thu 9/16/2010

yeah, should be ok with a Finn-Baltic metro in here... most Finns are on anyway, so it’s kinda very silent in here...