Mexico - Puerto Vallarta

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13:03 Mon 1/21/2013

I realize Mexico is not the most well known country for producing Craft beer. However, I am vacationing here in February with my girlfriend. Iíll be in Puerto Vallarta, willing to commute to nearby surrounding communities. Does any one know of any good breweries, beer stores,bars in the area? Thanks.

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Canít say Iíve found nything interesting beer wise the couple of times Iíve been there.

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an ice cold pacifico on the beach in perfect weather is pretty nice.

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Wait, your going to be in Jalisco and you want to know about beer? Would you look for good beer in Bordeaux? Sit on playa de los muertos in front of daiquiri dickís (blue chairs) and order the house margaritas all day interspersed with the aforementioned pacificosí. I found little need for anything else there.

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My recommendation Dos Equis Amber. In the middle of the day on a hot beach ice cold Pacifico.

13:51 Mon 1/21/2013

@erway - As I said in my original post I realize Mexico is not well known for beer production, and this is by no means the purpose of my trip! Iím happy sipping tequila, Coronaís or any other cheap cerveza, but just thought Iíd ask out of interest. And would I look for beer in Bordeaux? Yeah I probably would, but Iíd try the wine too (obviously).

09:23 Tue 1/22/2013

Hi there!

Although a nice Corona, Pacifico, Dos XX or Modelo is a great choice in Puerto Vallarta, there are 2 new breweries that have opened on the last few months!

The first is located in Old Town; this one is called "Los Muertos Brewery". They have a nice menu and of course, locally made craft beer. You can see their equipment on the main floor behind the bar!

The other is even newer; it is called "La Cervezeria" and it is located on the Malecon (Boardwalk). Unfortunately, I have not been here yet but it is on my to do list!

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Beware of any margarita with local ice, especially outside ur resort. Lol you will get the shits. Been there, done that.

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Just buy a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado and sip that for days.....One of the best tequilaís Iíve ever had

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A little bit late, but for the next time you should look for Calavera, Agua Mala, Insrugente, Cucapa or Minerva. Most of the beers from minerva, cucapa and calavera are decent microbrews, Some special brews from calavera as well as those from Insurgente and Aguamala are good microbrews.