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Originally posted by hopbomber
Those founders have just been imported by James clay in the past few weeks so the argument of paying extra 30% for ífreshnessí via brewdog doesnít apply in this instance.

Not in this instance perhaps but if BD distribution becomes a reliable source of fresh US hoppy beers compared to others, then Iíd happily pay more (or option 3 - go without!)

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Originally posted by ACD
The Mikkeller pricing on BDís web shop is one thing, but check out the wild costs of the new Founders beers compared to other online outlets (beermerchants & alesbymail for example) - c40% more expensive. Not so tasty. Hopefully theyíll sort themselves out soon.

Waddyamean? Didnít you read - they apply "a standard industry margin" both wholesale and retail. Iíd have thought different mark-ups applied by different suppliers would be a significant factor in producing an effectively competitive marketplace. And that, without competition, exclusive rights are likely to lead to the highest margin the market can bear. But it seems there is just a "standard industry margin". Silly me. Still itís nice that everyone lets everyone else know what their margins are so that they can all standardise.

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I donít think £4.50 for founders porter is that outrageous.

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Originally posted by BenH
I donít think £4.50 for founders porter is that outrageous.

Not by itself, but when u can get it fir 2.65 at alesela you can see that thereís a fair margin being added on by the aberdonians...

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Is that an AWESOME standard margin I wonder?
And yep, £4.50 for Founders Porter would be grand for me too - but not if it's available for nigh on a quid less on the books of a competitor with a range of better brews to go with it. I do like fresh Ingrid & Jackhammer though, I must say, so fair dos to BD for that.

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Founders All Day IPA from Utobeer was £2.40 and the hop was certainly fresh enough for me. OK I havenít had this in the US, but the hops didnít show the sometimes oxidised tiredness you get. Pretty fresh Iíd say.