Minnesota Breweries-in-Planning 2017 Part 2

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beers 3599 º places 18 º 15:20 Fri 9/15/2017

The taprooms of Shakopee Brew Hall in Shakopee (starting yesterday) and Giesenbräu Bier Co. in New Prague (starting today) are open to the public. Shakopee has a grand opening planned for October 5-7.

beers 3599 º places 18 º 08:00 Sat 9/16/2017

It's a busy weekend for brewery openings, with Shakopee Brew Hall and Giesenbräu (see above), plus the following two opening (or opening in a way, in the latter case) today (Saturday, 9-16-17):

Chapel Brewing in Dundas, Facebook, 9-12-17: "Our soft open is this weekend! Stop by Saturday Noon-9 or Sunday Noon-6. Cheers!"

Back Channel Brewing in Spring Park opens to members-only today.

beers 3599 º places 18 º 21:14 Sun 9/17/2017
beers 3599 º places 18 º 11:40 Fri 9/22/2017

Surly is replacing its closed upstairs Brewer's Table restaurant with a pizza restaurant. http://m.startribune.com/surly-brewing-replacing-its-brewer-s-table-restaurant-with-new-pizza-joint/446105473/

Back Channel Brewing in Spring Park opens to the public at noon today (Friday, 9-22-17). Hat tip to MonDak_Joe1953 at the other site.

The Bobbing Bobber Brewing Company BIP in Hutchinson is moving forward. Hat tip to Chaz. http://www.crowrivermedia.com/hutchinsonleader/news/business/brewery-taproom-proposed-for-former-wci-thrift-store-site/article_0933889a-1cf3-5514-bf9c-2441f53ded3e.html

beers 3599 º places 18 º 11:11 Sun 10/1/2017

Waldmann in St. Paul opened to the public on Friday, 9-29-17, two days early. Hat tip to Atom.

The Yoerg Pub also had been reported to be aiming for an October 1 opening, but those plans are at least slightly delayed. Hat tip to grantcity at the other site. The article confirms that Yoerg will brew on site, something that had been murky in other reports. https://issuu.com/stpaulpublishing/docs/spv_oct_2017

The Pioneer Press covers the upcoming Spiral Brewery in Hastings: http://www.twincities.com/2017/09/29/hastings-thirsts-for-its-own-brewery-these-5-young-entrepreneurs-say/

On the border, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Half Brothers Brewing Co. opens on Friday, 10-6-17: http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4335842-half-brothers-brewing-open-next-week-downtown-grand-forks

beers 8677 º places 740 º 13:26 Sun 10/1/2017

Has anyone tried out Waldmann yet? I'm intrigued by their vision but am hesitant to get excited given how challenging it is to execute lager styles.

beers 3599 º places 18 º 19:10 Tue 10/3/2017

Just when you thought Lowertown St. Paul couldn't get any cooler, Birch's on the Lake (the brewpub in Long Lake) has announced that it will have a satellite location at Tim McKee's* upcoming Market House Collaborative in the old Heartland space. Hat tip to JakeJohnson at the other site. "... slated to open in mid-2018." https://growlermag.com/birchs-on-the-lake-joins-market-house-collaborative/

* Late of the departed La Belle Vie, long widely regarded as the best restaurant in the state.

beers 1608 º places 39 º 12:41 Wed 10/4/2017

I heard over a local radio station that Steve Finnie (former head brewer of Grand Rounds) will be opening another new brewpub in Rochester sometime next summer.


beers 3599 º places 18 º 21:08 Thu 10/5/2017

Originally posted by jackl
Has anyone tried out Waldmann yet? I'm intrigued by their vision but am hesitant to get excited given how challenging it is to execute lager styles.

Waldmann definitely provides a one-of-a-kind taproom experience. I suspect some will love it, and for others it will generate flashbacks to boring school field trips to historical houses. I'm not the most historically-minded guy (give me state-of-the-art over restored classic; I think the Union Depot is a quarter-billion-dollar dump, for instance), but I can't say I wasn't charmed. I tried just one beer,* Harvest Hefeweizen, and it was surprisingly good, especially for the style and from such a new brewery.

* No pours less than 14 ounces; boo!

JakeJohnson at the other site reports that Klockow (née Cantankerous) Brewing in Grand Rapids, Minnesota opens on 10-28-17.

Summit is renovating its beer hall and patio. Summit historically has not emphasized its taproom (limited hours, very few taproom-only releases), but perhaps it's finally succumbing to modern market tastes. http://www.twincities.com/2017/10/03/summit-brewing-beer-hall-minneapolis-st-paul/

beers 3599 º places 18 º 22:03 Thu 10/5/2017

The following is my ranking of Minnesota breweries to open in 2017 so far. I've visited all of these breweries except the taproom-free Cosmos, but the ranking is based on beer alone (not taproom experience). These are judgmental ratings, which don't necessarily match my beer rating averages (although they do largely coincide). If I've rated at least 5 beers (usually small pours as parts of flights), I include my average rating. I fully expect a lot of movement within this ranking as I try additional beers.

1. 12welve Eyes, St. Paul - 3.59
2. Shakopee Brew Hall, Shakopee
3. Unmapped, Minnetonka - 3.48
4. Utepils, Minneapolis - 3.43
5. Waldmann, St. Paul
6. Tanzenwald, Northfield - 3.25
7. Back Channel, Spring Park - 3.25
8. Imminent, Northfield
9. BlackStack, St. Paul - 3.19
10. HeadFlyer, Minneapolis - 3.15
11. Three Twenty, Pine City
12. Roma, Willernie
13. Hoops, Duluth - 2.92
14. Barrel Theory, St. Paul - 2.77
15. Broken Clock, Minneapolis - 2.84
16. Cosmos, Hugo
17. Alloy, Coon Rapids - 2.48
18. Union 32, Eagan - 2.14

Everything between 12welve Eyes and Imminent I'd call above average craft breweries in the state (already, not just by the standards of recently opened breweries), and that makes 2017 a strong class. Very recent openings Shakopee, Waldmann, and Back Channel impressed me, both in beers and venues.