Mo Betta Bretta vs. Brett Beer

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as someone once said "lips of faith is where great beers go to die". i didnt mind the NB brett beer. i took the last few swigs and added equal parts fresh squeezed lime juice and it was ne of the best beergarita’s i’ve ever had.

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I thought that the Brett Beer had very little brett character. Didn’t impress me at all. Mo Betta Bretta was quite good though.

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Originally posted by GT2
Brett beer was very bad. Tart lychee disappointing

Me drinking tart lychee:

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Originally posted by TheAlum
I’ve only had NBs version thus far.. but I’d have to assume the new LA iteration is very similar

I don’t think so. The NB version used Sorachi Ace hops (which is very distinct), as well as a couple others. I don’t know what LA used, but the beer doesn’t showcase the hops at all.

I haven’t had the NB version yet, but I’ve had the new version of Mo Betta a few times, and it is actually a pretty solid summer beer right now. Absolutely no funk or brett fruitiness yet. I’m sure it’ll improve quite a bit with time. No idea if the NB version will, though.

Eric’s Sour Peach (before they bottled it in the 22ozers), Le Terroir (again before they bottled it in the 22ozers, though I admit, it was still pretty good in the bombers), and Old La Folie in the 750’s were all very great beers. They’ve just tried too hard to hit the mainstream with those beers now, and with pasteurization have tighter QC, but the wonderful bottle variation is now gone.

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Originally posted by xscottypx
"lips of faith is where great beers go to die"

love it

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Interesting thread this far. I’d say that both beers have Yeast character but the NB feels dead while mo Betta seems to Carry more fruitiness. Both have a strange earthy/savory thing going on that is somewhat unpleasant. Also, they are two different colors..

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That NB/LA Brett beer was the worst beer I’ve had from either brewery.

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Where’s the f-in brett in MBB?

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Probably didn’t take in secondary. If it has no Brett now, it’s unlikely it will spontaneously develop. Brett is pretty fast acting.

18:37 Mon 7/16/2012

I think it’s hilarious that Lost Abbey releases a beer that should have brett and it doesn’t and beers the shouldn’t have it do....