Moldova & Transnistria

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beers 4609 º places 266 º 05:38 Sat 10/21/2017

So, I'll be in Chisinau beginning of October for 4 days with one day trip to Tiraspol. Any useful suggestions that are not up here? Perhaps any place to yield a rare soviet country tick? What beers should I try and seek in central Chisinau?

Also any good ideas for non-beer related things?

Thanks in advance

beers 28840 º places 22 º 09:54 Sat 10/21/2017

Not much to get in Titaspol, visit Bender for Transnistria ticks. I'm sure with this and even more in Chisinau will help you. He had a great advice of a place which was not in RB that time, guess it was

beers 30642 º places 281 º 11:44 Sat 10/21/2017

When will you be there? I'll be there November 11-14th

beers 12193 º places 305 º 12:51 Sat 10/21/2017

Marko, contact this guy I am sure he will be very helpfull.

beers 4609 º places 266 º 01:27 Sun 10/22/2017

Ompher, I'll be there until November 2nd

beers 10139 º places 534 º 04:03 Sun 10/22/2017

Message dnicolaescu, he's from those parts :) - would say Boystout too, but not sure if he'll see it.