Mondial de la Bière! One of the world’s best beer fests

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beers 2675 º places 111 º 09:25 Wed 6/6/2012

One of the best beer fests in the world, Mondial, is upon us!

Looks like very good Ratebeer presence including Josh Oakes and Beershine!

Mentioned: Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin, Canadian brewers Hopfenstark, Benelux, Le Cheval Blanc and La Succursale. At least nine brewers from Italy. Beers from Chile, Argentina and Brazil, such as Cerveja do Amor (from Brazil’s Cervejaria Bodebrown). Vermont’s Harpoon, Magic Hat, McNeill’s, Rock Art and Vermont Pub & Brewery


Where can a sister find Unibroue Raftman, alligator soup and Argentine barley wine all in one place? At the 19th installment of Mondial de la Bière (aka Montréal world beer festival), which starts this Wednesday at Montréal’s Hotel Bonaventure.


Admission is free, and tasting coupons are $1 each. The event runs from Wednesday, June 6, through Sunday, June 10, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

beers 2675 º places 111 º 11:17 Wed 6/6/2012

No love for Mondial?

beers 6628 º places 96 º 11:28 Wed 6/6/2012

Plenty of love. I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon and evening.

beers 2962 º places 137 º 11:34 Wed 6/6/2012

I am very tempted to make the trip (only 2 hour drive) but unfortunately family obligations take precedence...

beers 4737 º places 217 º 11:37 Wed 6/6/2012

The event in Strasbourg looks rather fine. But unfortunately Montreal is a bit out of the way from Europe.

beers 21516 º places 699 º 11:42 Wed 6/6/2012

No love!
Only hate and jealousy for the ones participating...
Do I see correctly, even Tunisian and Turkish bound Philippe (Bov) is participating, and I’m not???

beers 1144 º places 80 º 11:43 Wed 6/6/2012

I really wanted to go this year, but I kept dragging my feet on renewing my passport. Laziness has got the best of me once again.

beers 6103 º places 423 º 11:56 Wed 6/6/2012

At work right now, just got back from Mondial 1h ago. I HATE HATE HATE the new location. Drinking in this no-window bunker during a nice sunny day is not my thing. If it wasn’t for my work place being only a few blocks and I can make quick in-and-outs I probably woundn’t go at all. And I live walking distance from the festival. Nothing against the beer list, quite impressive as usual, but the drinking environment of Mondial as bad as it gets. I loved the previous location but the festival had to move out of there, too small for its ever growing popularity.

beers 2962 º places 137 º 12:12 Wed 6/6/2012

That is a shame - I love the old train station location - where is it now, some sort of convention centre?

beers 1846 º places 83 º 12:39 Wed 6/6/2012

I understand this beer from Brazil will be available on tap. I’m keen to know what people think.

beers 11087 º places 596 º 12:46 Wed 6/6/2012

Getting up early to catch a train tomorrow! Looking forward to it. Hoping the elbow room vs. atmosphere trade off is worth it, as I haven’t been to the new venue.