Mondial de la Bičre! One of the world’s best beer fests

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Originally posted by OldStyleCubFan
Anyone going Sunday? I dont arrive until noon but plan to spend the day at Mondial and all day Monday bar and brewery hopping. Its nice to be able to get work to pay for a good beer trip.

yep. and this is why dickinsonbeer will never go full time into brewing.

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While it is true that Place Bonaventure is far from being the warmest place in this brutal modern architecture, but when it’s raining, you do not care at this point!

Thursday: Variable cloudiness and isolated showers, 40%. Friday: Chance of thunderstorms, 60%. Saturday: Cloudy with showers, 70%.

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Originally posted by joet
No love for Mondial?

Love Mondial! Went a couple years ago. I live the smaller more intimate setting and the fabulous city that hosts it. Then they schedule it o over lap with the road race and lodging became cost prohibitive. Not sure if it’s still that way.

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Originally posted by Glouglouburp
Not on tap, from bottles. I had it a few hours ago. Solid Double IPA. Solid crisp caramelized malt backbone and solid fruity-resinous hopping. Like I say in the rating that I typed on my notebook and will upload three months from now ( comment...) this is a very American-Worthy Double IPA.

You’re pretty lucky. Here in Brazil, it finally reached Porto Alegre a few weeks ago at one of my « favorite » beer stores. And since we asked them before (a long time ago, last fall in fact) to give us a call the moment they would receive it, I thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good customer service when they (the managers) did indeed called us to let us know that they just received ONE SHIPMENT (of twelve bottles). The only odd thing was that they also told us on the phone « they had know idea what would be their selling price [but we should hurry up because of the limited quantity] ». Hmm, OK, why not ?

So we immediately took the car and drove right there to see... what ? Well, more than 30 persons in there (!!) They didn’t know the price because... they were auctioning them (!!!) !

GOD I hate this country

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For years, I’ve wanted to go to the Mondial. It has surpassed my expectations! I did not see alligator soup, but Radek did eat some kangaroo.

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Heading to Montreal early tomorrow. Any big surprises or great beers to make sure I hit at Mondial? Anything special around town on tap to make sure I hit over the next few days.

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DDC/Hill Farmstead collaboration was the best of the week for me. Best I have had in a while actually!

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as far as the argentines present, berlina foreign stout is among the best i had while in s america last xmas. Great little unknown beer