Most Difficult Countries to Drink List

Reads 841 • Replies 3 • Started Thursday, May 5, 2016 11:24:16 AM CT

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beers 5320 º places 378 º 11:24 Thu 5/5/2016

How do you get to this list in new format? Can’t find it.

beers 30304 º places 3522 º 11:29 Thu 5/5/2016

It’s listed under Ratings, which is easiest to get to from a page that uses the old format.

Here’s the link:

It’s my first-stop-shopping when I’m looking to plan a trip!

beers 20743 º places 554 º 12:38 Thu 5/5/2016

I’m trying to get to 100. It’s tough. Looks like easiest country left for me is Romania.

beers 8025 º places 322 º 16:59 Thu 5/5/2016

These are as interesting to me as whales in many ways. And I only have 2 of the top 100. Sigh. Got a loooooong way to go.