Motorcycle Ride to Founders Fest from Chicago

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places 1 º 09:35 Fri 5/11/2012

FatKidRevolution and I are trying to put together a ride to Founders Fest which is on Saturday June 23rd.
The details havenít been completely worked out but I wanted to see if anybody would be interested in turning this into a larger ride.

So far what we have worked out is that we would leave either Friday or Saturday. If we leave Friday, it would probably be around afternoon or early evening. If we leave Saturday, we would probably hit the road around 8 or 9am. FatKidRevoluiton and I would be leaving from Munster so I figured we could all meet up at 3 Floyds and leave from there.
If leaving Friday, FatKidRevolution and I might consider finding a state park or something to camp at for Friday night. Saturday, we would be staying in a hotel in Grand Rapids.

If you are interested in going, I have created a Google Doc to log everyone that is interested. This link is the form for you to add yourself to the list.
This link is the general view of the spreadsheet. (Non-Editable)

None of this is set in stone so your ideas and feedback are welcome. Hopefully we can make this work.

beers 36 º 19:14 Mon 7/2/2012

How was the turnout