Moving to Tampa

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beers 1836 º places 106 º 17:30 Wed 5/9/2012

The Girlfriend and I are most likely moving to St. Pete/Tampa in August. I donít know anyone in the city, so Iíll be counting on you guys to make me feel welcome. Is there a Facebook group for Tampa beer lovers?

beers 5463 º 18:49 Wed 5/9/2012

Not sure of a facebook group but weekly tastings usualy at cigar city.

beers 1 º places 3 º 19:45 Wed 5/9/2012

Iím fairly new to the area too and would love to check out one of the tastings. Iíve been keeping an eye on this weeks post.

beers 1709 º places 32 º 05:23 Thu 5/10/2012

The local forum is where itís at. I go to less tastings these days, but the group is still super active. Welcome ... both of you.

beers 5434 º places 209 º 06:01 Thu 5/10/2012

First off, welcome to Tampa! This is definitely a burgeoning craft beer scene, and this is a great time to love beer in Tampa. There is no FB group (yet), but we do use these RB forums to talk about stuff.

This weekís tasting kind of fell off, but we should hopefully be going on again next week. Anyone from RB is welcome at the tastings, itís just a bottle share. We usually meet at Cigar City, but we move to other spots periodically like Brass Tap Wesley Chapel, 7venth Sun in Dunedin, and someoneís house if anyone is up for hosting that week.

23:07 Fri 5/11/2012

Im also new to the Tampa area (Actually over in Palm Harbor). Just started a new job and dont know a whole lot of people here. Iíd be interested in attending a bottle share too. Iím 24 by the way, if that matters.

beers 31 º 17:35 Sat 5/12/2012

All ages (over 21) are welcome. Welcome to the Tampa Bay area guys! I think we should try to get a tasting together for Thursday. I am definitely out on Tuesday.

beers 1 º places 3 º 06:28 Mon 5/14/2012

Thursday this week would be awesome. Iíve got some good stuff to share right now too.

beers 1836 º places 106 º 13:16 Thu 5/17/2012

Whatís a good restaurant, not too expensive, in the St. Pete area that will have some decent vegetarian options? Iíll be looking for a Sunday night dinner, so I canít go to Pegís, and that Bayou place doesnít have a single vegetarian menu item.

Good beer is a plus, but not required.

beers 1709 º places 32 º 13:47 Thu 5/17/2012

Cajun Cafe has vegetarian options. Maybe mark will chime in with something since hes a vegetarian.

beers 1836 º places 106 º 17:02 Thu 5/17/2012

Iím not too sure about the Cajun cafe, I looked at the menu on the website, and even their rice has sausage in it.