My Final Events in DK

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05:06 Mon 8/27/2012

So as everyone knows by now I am leaving Denmark at the end of Oct. Because of this I am doing 2 final tap events as a kind of send off.

The first event will be Oct. 19th at Mikkeller Bar (no idea what time yet). Mikkel sent me 10 kegs that I will be making special 1 time only experiments in. These will be 20L only. I am sure they will also have great Mikkeller beer as always. The list will come soon enough for what will be there.

The second event will be 25th-28th at Dronning Louis and we will be doing another big tap takeover during the week like we did in February. I am currently writing up the list and I am sitting at around 17 beers with some more to come. The Event should work just like last time where we have 7 taps going and the beers rotate on as others kick. I am meeting with them this week to go over details and I will provide more once I have them.

I hope to see you guys at these events for one last chance to hang before we move on the 30th!

beers 8683 º places 93 º 05:13 Mon 8/27/2012

I will do whatever I can to show up at one of the events, Ryan.

Can you do a more specific explanation of what your future plans are?

05:20 Mon 8/27/2012

Yeah I am moving to England where I am heading up a new brewery opening outside London. I posted a thread about it in the UK forums.

beers 1307 º places 44 º 05:56 Mon 8/27/2012

Judging by the Fanø beers I had, I have no doubt that the new UK Brewery will kick ass! And a great loss for Fanø.

If I am not in Greece at that time I will try to make one of the two.

Good luck with your new start (and having moved countries with kids at your kid’s age, good luck with that as well)!


beers 13927 º places 256 º 06:01 Mon 8/27/2012

Looks like I can make the 19th happen. At Dronning Louise, Sunday looks best, but I’ll have a look at the Thursday as well. And with that effort, you’d better make a couple of good beers at least for the events ;)

beers 48895 º places 43 º 07:52 Mon 8/27/2012

Right, I will be there the 19th, late October in Esbjerg and mid November in England - will you have a beer ready by that time in the UK? I will not let you go but stalk you, this country cannot keep loosing good american brewers....

beers 16543 º places 427 º 08:04 Mon 8/27/2012

I think I will do Esbjerg! It is messed up. But what if you was put on the Island for a reason? What if you can’t leave? The island needs you!

beers 52351 º places 52 º 08:15 Mon 8/27/2012

Originally posted by Dedollewaitor
But what if you was put on the Island for a reason? What if you can’t leave? The island needs you!


08:24 Mon 8/27/2012

Yespr I don’t think we will have beer on the market by then. I HOPE we can get some on the market before years end though.

beers 1024 º places 31 º 10:29 Mon 8/27/2012

the 19th is gonna be a blast’

10:44 Mon 8/27/2012

Wait till you see the list =)