My Final Events in DK

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What time is it starting saturday? And when will my brothers and sisters arrive?

02:47 Mon 9/10/2012

No Idea but Saturday evening my wife and I are having our going away party upstairs from the bar. It is a Halloween party and we will have a buffet and music. Buffet is 175 DKK per person so if you have interest in joining us for some dancing and dinner please send me a beermail with your email and my wife will send out her invitation.

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I just booked train tickets... arriving in Esbjerg Friday 13:30.
Leaving Saturday 21:30.

Who will be there friday ???
And who saturday ??


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I will arrive in Esbjerg Friday at 18:23 and depart Saturday at 21:30

21:52 Thu 10/4/2012

Rise up once dead thread!!

Ok here is the final list for what we will have at the Dronning event. Mikkeller is gonna start posting on his facebook a beer a day of the next week.

Belgian Beers
Fanø Beer Geek Slumber Party - 10% Belgian Quad brewed with Heather and Rosehips.
Fanø/Farmers Cabinet Bitter Amendment - 4.5% Saison with Brett
Fanø Belgian Blonde - 7.5% Belgian style Blonde ale
Evil Honey, I’m Home! - 9% Belgian honey ale. Made with over 20% lyng honey

Evil Twin Assisstenten - 7% West coast inspired IPA
Evil Twin Low Life - 5.5% Dry-hopped Pilsner
Toccalmatto/Fanø - Uber Pils ?abv - Extremely hoppy collabo Pilsner
Fanø Goodbye, Hello - 8% Imperial Export Porter collab with new brewer Martin
Fanø Goodbye, Hello EISED - ?? ABV Eised version of Goodbye, Hello to increase flavor and abv!

Evil Twin Grand Cru - 9% Belgian blonde ale aged in 10 different barrels and then blended for this keg
Evil Twin BA Barleywine Blend - 11% Barleywine blend from port and malaga wine barrels
Cigar City Remey R&B - 8% R&B Smokeout aged in Remey Martin barrels W/Cedar

Barrel-Aged Brett/Sour
Fanø/Tired HandsTuff Ghost - 8.5% American Wild ale aged in wine barrels for 10 months with Brett
Fanø/Stillwater/Mikkeller BA Gypsy Tears - 8.5% Stout fermented 100% with Brett and aged in wine barrels for 6 months
Fanø/Eviltwin/Westbrook/CBX Justin Blabaer - 4.5% Blueberry Berliner weiss aged in Wine barrels
Evil Twin Sour Power Blend - 6% blend of sour beer from barrels

Dark Beers
Fanø Stormflod - 5.8% Chocolate Milk Stout
Fanø Jule Porter - 7.5% Spiced Christmas porter
Evil Twin Resurrection - 12% Imperial stout dry hopped and aged on cedar
Mikkeller/Fanø Oyster Stout - 4.1% Dry stout with giant amounts of Oysters
Mikkeller Cù’t Cà Phê Bia - 11% Imperial stout with Civet Coffee
Fanø Shanty Amber - 6.5% Smoked Amber ale

Evil Twin Fruit Salad IPA - 7% IPA with Pineapple, Mango, and Apricots
Evil Twin Double Barrel Jesus - 12.5% Blend of Port and Bourbon Even more Jesus
TØ ØL Five finger Discount - 6% Pale ale Cask Hopped and some Cedar

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Looking forward the this beer feast!

08:41 Fri 10/5/2012

I also need to clear out my cellar before I go as I am not taking much beer with me. Let me know if anyone has interest in any of the following; Monks suffers batch 1 and batch 2, Epilouge, Sønderho batch 1, Jesus batch 1, batch 300 Imp Jule, Viola Sofia 2011, BA Viola Sofia, BA Jule porter, Wachu Saison and I think thats all I have that I am not keeping.

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Flight booked. Gonna be there saturday 13.00.

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If a bottle of Epilogue is opened Thursday evening, I wouldn’t object!

20:01 Fri 10/5/2012

The Epilouge is tasting really nice right now as well. Brett has come forward a bunch. Just list what people want and I will bring it. Not looking for money just looking to get it out of the basement.