My first real medal

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beers 2604 º places 109 º 10:33 Thu 10/4/2012

Dude! Congrats!

beers 8629 º places 274 º 19:05 Thu 10/4/2012

I think Iíve only ever entered one competition - maybe two. The first one I got a 3rd place ribbon for my witbier!

beers 2285 º places 71 º 07:10 Sat 10/13/2012

I won the sour ales catagory in the Toronto Beer Week homebrew contest in 2010 and 2011 withmy berliner, and won the sour ales 2012 Ales Open AHA Qualifier with an unblended lambic that also earned 3rd overall best in show

beers 559 º places 32 º 11:42 Sat 10/13/2012

Congrats! Still learning the process, but would like to get into competition someday.

beers 2897 º places 83 º 11:53 Sat 10/13/2012

Bronze in the 97 Chicago RAF for my Barleywine.
Bronze in the final round of the 01 AHA comp. for a Traditional Mead.

Quit brewing about 12 years ago.

beers 3439 º places 21 º 13:22 Sat 10/13/2012

Iíd won a bunch of second place medals in local competitions then this year decided to enter our national homebrew competition in the UK. Won 1st place imperial stout and overall stout category, 2nd place speciality for a black ipa and 3rd place wheat beer for a dunkelweizen. Pretty happy about that but the beers Iím making arenít really up to the standard Iíd like to achieve. Iím very happy I won 1st in the stout category, itís always nice to hear strangers enjoy my beer but I feel the beer could have been better. I aspire to brew as good beer as the ones I rate most highly on this site and at the moment Iím way far off it. Iím going to work on my recipes and try to be stricter with my practices and hopefully achieve more 1st place medals next year and brew beer that Iím truly proud of and happy with

14:52 Sat 10/13/2012

Congrats man, some serious competition you schooled!

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