Myanmar and Kuala Lampur

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beers 116 º places 4 º 09:21 Fri 9/21/2012

Is there an Asia Forum I am missing? either way:
Heading here next week and will be around for a couple weeks is anyone wants anything from the states...

beers 17813 º places 816 º 12:38 Fri 9/21/2012

No Asia forum. Other than Japan and Singapore, it remains quite quiet. There are no local craft breweries in either Myanmar or KL.

For a complete listing of decent pubs in KL, consult with

The food of both countries, however, is amazing.

beers 116 º places 4 º 13:31 Fri 9/21/2012

wasnt expecting any great beer in either places, actually quite surprised at the number of reviews and the number of beers from Myanmar...
thanks for the info!!

places 21 º 07:09 Mon 9/24/2012

Taps in KL. Best beer bar in Asia (assuming you want beer :))

beers 1307 º places 44 º 07:42 Mon 9/24/2012
beers 116 º places 4 º 08:00 Mon 9/24/2012

lol, nice website! thanks for this! definitely put it on my list.

beers 17813 º places 816 º 13:52 Mon 9/24/2012

Oh yeah, bring your wallet. Malaysia has very high alcohol tax. We were paying about 30RM ($10) for a Hoegaarden or German wheat when we were there. The only cheap beer is at the hawker centres, where 4RM will get you an FES.

Also, on the prices nett means net, and ++ means there will be taxes and whatnot added on. Both are used in promotions, so it is worth paying attention to this.

beers 116 º places 4 º 15:16 Mon 9/24/2012

Thanks for the advice. Ill definitely keep it in mind. Seeing as Myanmar is an all cash country, I hope I have enough left, lol.