Need a realtor with a passion for craft beer as well as real-estate!

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beers 8 º 23:02 Sat 3/16/2013

I am planning to open a craft beer store in the San Fernando Valley (Studio City / North Hollywood / Tarzana). Everything is in place except for the space. As anyone who has traveled this path before will know i’ve been running into strong resistance dealing with potential landlords who are naturally concerned about the downtime / risk associated with ABC and CUP legalities. My greatest frustration has been with realtors who generally run the other way when i mention alcohol sales. I would love to hear from a commercial real-estate agent, who’s familiar with the San Fernando Valley and ABC / CUP issues and who’d be willing to roll up their sleeves, get into the trenches and help me find a great location.

beers 2 º 00:08 Sun 3/17/2013

I can’t pretend to know the ins and outs of licensing in CA but the first thing you should do it put together a detailed business plan if you haven’t already. A detailed plan that addresses the specific concerns you’re running into will go a long way with them.

The next thing you need is a realtor that understands the bar and restaurant business. You won’t find one that is passionate about craft beer specifically but finding one that knows the broader industry should be pretty easy.

beers 8 º 10:18 Sun 3/17/2013

Thank you, good suggestions!