Need beer name suggestions!!

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beers 217 º places 7 º 18:39 Fri 1/3/2014

English malt bill stout brewed with French saison yeast 3711.

Notes of peach and tastes like saspirillo when cold, nose and flavor becomes more stout like with a solid dark toasty malt aftertaste once warmed up to 50f.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

beers 66 º places 1 º 02:18 Sat 1/4/2014

The French Connexion.
(The connexion is an English language newspaper in France)

beers 3550 º places 85 º 08:26 Sat 1/4/2014

Beefy Frog

Because a French nickname for Brits is "les rosbifs" and English speakers like to call the French "frogs".

beers 217 º places 7 º 20:10 Sat 1/4/2014

Like the ideas, but too late. I had to enter it last night and I called it Stoutsparillo

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