Need DLD Tickets

Reads 1426 • Replies 13 • Started Tuesday, March 20, 2012 7:57:08 AM CT

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beers 11833 º places 639 º 07:57 Tue 3/20/2012

Hey Everybody,

I got shut out of DLD tickets for the first time ever. I’d love to get one or more, and I’m even willing to go pick up bottles for anyone who has tickets and can’t make it. My travel companions, jckp64 and bsuedekum (and others), were shut out as well. We’re all willing to trade or mule.

Let me know if you have any extras or can’t go, and I’m sure we can work something out.


beers 2183 º places 50 º 11:57 Tue 3/20/2012

You guys all play Dungeons and Dragons together? Just kidding, I know what it means... Sorry, that sucks. Good luck!

beers 2183 º places 50 º 15:33 Tue 3/20/2012

I assume you saw that Stubhub has some for sale?

That’s so unfair, though. If scalping is illegal, this type of extortion site should be too.

beers 11833 º places 639 º 08:18 Wed 3/21/2012

I saw that. The eBay and StubHub prices are a joke right now. Anyone bidding those up is messing around and anyone buying them is an absolute idiot.

beers 104 º 11:00 Thu 3/22/2012

Cannot believe how many regulars here got shut out

beers 945 º places 2 º 22:58 Thu 3/22/2012

It was absolutely insane. for some reason the "captcha" would not accept my entries, and I got completely dicked. Oh well! It’s less expensive to just trade for a bottle or buy one on the Bay anyway...

beers 11833 º places 639 º 14:35 Thu 3/29/2012

Still looking for tickets if anyone knows anything.

beers 356 º places 7 º 17:13 Thu 3/29/2012

Someone help Peter out with this one. One the more generous people on this site

beers 1 º places 27 º 18:30 Tue 4/3/2012

Man that sucks you all got shut out. I’ll keep a look out. I was able to get one from a friend and will be staying at the Hampton Inn those two nights.

beers 11833 º places 639 º 20:15 Tue 4/3/2012

We’re in the Hampton Inn, too.

beers 11833 º places 639 º 20:15 Tue 4/3/2012

And thanks.