New $400 Beer from Carlsberg

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beers 16018 º places 278 º 18:12 Fri 1/25/2008

Originally posted by CaptainCougar
Is it just me, or does anyone else hope this beer sucks? I don’t want to think twice about wanting to try this. I just wish Sam Adams Millennium didn’t rate as high as it did, so I wouldn’t care that I never tried it.

I’m one of the suckers. Despite my hatred for the whole idea, I’ll be sharing a bottle... And like you, I hope it’ll be bad, just to allow me the funniest review I have ever written on RB... Compared to price it’ll be a disappointment no matter what it tastes like, but it’ll be fun if it’s really strange...

After this, the £24 I paid for my avatar at GBBF will seem like a steal...

beers 2655 º places 27 º 18:13 Fri 1/25/2008

Originally posted by faroeviking
Originally posted by lb4lb
At $400, it is clearly the best beer ever made.
Case closed.

Ok, ya, right. Then when a beer in the future goes for $401 and is better...right...?

Price=quality and there are no known exceptions to this.
In fact, I find that more expensive bottles of any beer taste better than when the same beer is sold at cheaper prices.

beers 8459 º places 409 º 19:45 Fri 1/25/2008

What I can’t believe is if they are going for the wine crowd, why not make it in a 750ml? Given the ABV it could be more easily seen as a substitute. The size just baffles me. Oh well, I am having 02.02.02 next weekend which is about the same price online, lets see if its all hype.

Good for Carlsberg for taking this step.


beers 1812 º places 15 º 22:12 Fri 1/25/2008

thats just crazy,and i hope it doesnt give any other brewers crazy ideas.

beers 3315 º places 95 º 22:26 Fri 1/25/2008

and no poo involved!!

beers 1812 º places 15 º 23:18 Fri 1/25/2008

Originally posted by slob
and no poo involved!!

yeah how ya gonna charge 400 bucks with no animal poop in it???

beers 4357 º places 112 º 00:23 Sat 1/26/2008

Originally posted by Odeed
thats just crazy,and i hope it doesnt give any other brewers crazy ideas.

I was thinking the same thing.

AB probably started brewing theirs this morning!

beers 2634 º places 84 º 00:26 Sat 1/26/2008

Shame on you Carlsberg.

This whole thing is so stupid and annoying.

If it was for charity, great.
Was it a unique beer, say the worlds strongest or something like that, acceptabel.

But, this is no doubt (though I will never know) a mediocre beer from a shitty brewery created for one reason: attention

And attention is what is gets. All media in denmark has mentioned it and the head line of all is: Danish beer is the most expensive in the world.

Expensive for what? Expensive for being expensive.


p.s. I do hope the beer is great, cause I have friends that feel they must buy this beer and I’m sorry if they have to spend so much on a shitty product.

beers 2634 º places 84 º 02:19 Sat 1/26/2008

OK, now lets get back to that discussion about not rating less than pint samples......

beers 5592 º places 50 º 02:20 Sat 1/26/2008

I just noticed this is a 375ml bottle, WTF? Thats crazy you cant even share it?

Btw does anyone have any other details on the beer like style, whats its made with or %?