New $400 Beer from Carlsberg

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beers 2634 º places 84 º 06:07 Sat 1/26/2008

Can you imagine, Carlsberg only have to sell 28984064 bottles to be able to pay their Scottish & Newcastle bill.......

beers 11545 º places 158 º 10:57 Mon 1/28/2008

This pricing has hints of extortion and this continued practice has notes of free-market arrogance.

Let’s see, I can buy this, or 80 bottles of great craft beer from Capone’s over the next 6 weeks. I’ll take the latter option for 800, Alex.

beers 1219 º places 76 º 12:31 Mon 1/28/2008

"Hints of" when you describing Midnight Sun La Maitresse du Moin???

beers 54794 º places 43 º 12:45 Mon 1/28/2008

Originally posted by BierKönig
OK, now lets get back to that discussion about not rating less than pint samples......

I’ll have my four bottles delivered this week (I won that auction from Myrups link). I guess it full pint is the criteria - Ungstrup and I are going to soak ourselves in all 4 bottles

All money from that auction went to charity, beers are split amongst those RBerians willing to pay a share of the if you swing by Copenhagen i late February/early March...let me know. Still a 5 - to 9 cL sample is going to be between $33 and $51. Again: money went to help kids in Africa - we are just enjoying an overhyped beer.


beers 3258 º places 138 º 13:32 Mon 1/28/2008

Originally posted by footbalm
"Hints of" when you describing Midnight Sun La Maitresse du Moin???

That was my 50th rating, so I was still influenced by what the media considers a proper wine/beer description. It is now 2.5 years later. Furthermore, I am not a professional writer. And there is nothing wrong with using it once in a while, but when every single description in every single publication uses it, it becomes really ridiculous and stupid.

I am really honored by your reading through all my ratings until you could call me out, though.

beers 32041 º places 281 º 13:39 Mon 1/28/2008

Some time ago I was sitting at a good pub in Stockholm, drinking a pint of Närke beer when market researchers from Carlsberg came in.
They asked me why I wasn’t drinking one of their beers (which was available on som hidden taps). So, trying to put it kindly, I answered that I prefer the flavour of Närke’s beers to theirs. They the continued to ask what price they could possibly sell their beer to me at this pub. Looking at my glass and at the Carlsberg taps I gave it some thought before answering them that if they gave me $10 I might consider drinking one of their beers at this pub.

I am not sure how the marketing people at Carlsberg got things so wrong. Even if they try to brew better beers, there is no way these people can make something comparably good to the best microbrewers - yet they demand a price as if they’d make the world’s best beers. Please don’t buy their beer! You know it’ll still be mediocre at best, like all their other beers.

If they have their way our hobby will be unaffordable. Rather spend your money on real lambic or other quality beers.

beers 1219 º places 76 º 13:39 Mon 1/28/2008

That’s the point. Non-beer geeks may not know any better either.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 14:07 Mon 1/28/2008

Originally posted by footbalm
That’s the point. Non-beer geeks may not know any better either.

So what you are saying is, (supposed) experts should do things wrong just because people don’t know any better?

11:48 Fri 2/8/2008
beers 8025 º places 322 º 14:19 Fri 2/8/2008

Originally posted by Myrup
Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 from Carlsberg - 400 dollars a bottle (CBS Early Show via YouTube)

Oh, lord love a duck. Pompous idiotic blowhards trying to sound informed. Saying the beer’s "distilled," saying it’s "vegetal" to describe the body after pointing out that it’s viscous. And a side-by-side comparison with Guinness? wtf? Are they trying to establish right up front that they’re just regular joes who know nothing about beer: by perpetuating the myth that Guinness is "thick"?

I was literally squirming after two minutes, yet I could not look away. I’m as annoyed with CBS right now as I am with Carlsberg.