New beerpub in Antwerpen

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I message it here, as I havenít had the opportunity to visit the place myself, but if anybody wants to go and have a look for himself (and us)...

"Antwaarps Bierhuyske" has to be found at Hoogstraat 14, which means at 2 mins from the cathedral, and 1 min from the town hall. If my info is correct, this is the former theaterbar, from the small theater at Hoogstraat.

Owner Paul Meeussen had already a bar, at the other side of the river Schelde, in Burcht, "Violetta", which, Iím told, has quite a good reputation with the people that can find this tucked-away location. Never been there myself, Iím afraid.

Bierhuyske currently sports 125 beers, from which 9 on draught, which is pretty much a record in Antwerpen. Please donít say "Moeder Lambic Fontainas"...! The owner is really aiming at speciality beers, one of them being Pannepot, which might make a lot of people happy.

More Antwerpen news: our timid pubbrewery seems to have made a springbeer (Lentebier, very original name), but I havenít been there neither recently.

What I did try, however, is the "Quercus", on draught at Kulminator. This is the oak-aged version of the La Trappe Quadrupel, and I can only recommend anybody in the neighbourhood to try it. IF you are willing to afford the hefty price of Ä 3.5 for a meagre 12cl! IMO, itís worth it, but not everybody needs to think alike. You can find my rating under the La Trappe page, remark - only 4 ratings as yet, people finding it only at the Kerstbierfestival (of course), In de Wildeman in Aídam, and now @ Kulminator - on draught, of course.


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Sorry - Quercus: 9 ratings, and also at ít Arendsnest (of course, Iíd say...).

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La Trappe Quadrupel Eikenvat Gelagerd is available on tap @ Arendsnest, Amsterdam too.

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I have understood (from the brewery) that there will bottles available of this beer soon.

02:05 Sat 5/1/2010

yayyyyyy the bottles are coming!

i really enjoyed the Eikenvat Gelagerd! tasted both versions side by side and the winner is clear.

02:07 Sat 5/1/2010

forgot to say thanks Joris for the new pub info. i shall check it out next time iím in town.

beers 1 º places 12 º 02:28 Sat 5/1/2010 do realize Kulminator is in Antwerp... correct?

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Cheers, Joris. Anywhere which serves Pannepot is a must visit. Next time PRE-ZBF is on or the UK crew go continental to Belgium weíll have to visit that place.

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Originally posted by Ruger988 do realize Kulminator is in Antwerp... correct?

I do, indeed...

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Originally posted by JorisPPattyn
Originally posted by Ruger988 do realize Kulminator is in Antwerp... correct?

I do, indeed...

But surely you donít.

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good chance that iíll be trying this place out soon.
Thanks for the info Joris!