New Bottle Shop Venture

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19:33 Wed 5/15/2013

Looking at opening a craft bottle shop and tasting room in San Luis Obispo, CA central coast I am struggling with forecasting average daily customer count and average customer ticket/purchase.

Currently forecasting average of 150 customers a day w/$12 ticket. Lower customer counts weekdays and higher weekend counts. Vibrant downtown, Cal Poly college and significant tourism.

Also forecasting 34% on site draft and bottle capped sales, 50% off site bottle and 6% growler.

Appreciate any feedback or input from any current shop owners or people in the know.


beers 2052 º places 169 º 19:35 Wed 5/15/2013

your forecast equals 90%...

22:03 Wed 5/15/2013

Left out the 10% for light fare and merchandise (glassware, books, logo apparel)

beers 2 º 22:13 Wed 5/15/2013

Don’t count on a major influx from campus since only 20% of any college campus is old enough to drink and that 20% is by and large not into craft beer.

150 per day as an average may be a bit high since that’s 12.5 customers per hour. I’d cut your projection by 1/2 to 1/3 to be safe.

Your product mix is probably not far off.

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I thought growlers were only fillable at a brewery/brewpub in California?

08:33 Thu 5/16/2013

Originally posted by bytemesis
I thought growlers were only fillable at a brewery/brewpub in California?

We’ll I had thought that AB 640 was changing the rules, but on a third read it only applies to beer manufacturers. Scratch the growlers until CA catches up with the rest of the pro craft states.