New Brewpubs/Breweries in Germany

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beers 2129 º places 312 º 03:13 Thu 12/15/2011

Hausbrauerei Schober

This Microbewery is located in Zirndorf near Nurnberg. They boast six beers.

beers 9534 º places 206 º 03:32 Thu 12/15/2011

A quick glance at Evan Rail’s website will show that both Hasen and Weinzierl no longer brew. However Schober in Zirndorf seems to still exist. Cheers!

beers 7536 º places 720 º 04:00 Thu 12/15/2011

Originally posted by Quack-Duck
A quick glance at Evan Rail’s website will show that both Hasen and Weinzierl no longer brew. However Schober in Zirndorf seems to still exist. Cheers!

That’s actually Steve Thomas’s (the guy who wrote the GBG Germany) website. It does seem to be updated fairly regularly although the original book is now over 5 years old and getting a bit long in the tooth. Don’t know whether there are plans for a new edition. The amount of work involved in compiling a guide like that (and keeping it updated), especially single-handed by a guy who doesn’t live in Germany and isn’t an industry "professional", must be fearsome.

Another excellent English language site (my German is terrible) that I used to find very useful - Paul Harrop’s Central Europe’s New Breweries (which included Germany) seems to have disappeared from the web. At least it’s old URL is dead and I can’t find a new one.

Keep up the good work with German breweries & brewpubs chaps - it’s much appreciated.

beers 9534 º places 206 º 04:39 Thu 12/15/2011

Uh, yes, of course it’s Seve Thomas... He has published a 24 page update containing all the updates from his website in printed form. You can see where you can order it on his website under "news".

beers 2129 º places 312 º 23:13 Thu 12/15/2011

Thanks much for your input. It really helps when we all tackle this together. The German mapping and checking has been neglected for far too long. I have done a screening of over 1000 brewpubs and breweries in South Germany (RP, SR, BY, BW & HE) in the last eight months. It has been a huge undertaking. I found a lot of new places and added over 400 of them to the Ratebeer map. Also found about 20 new brewpubs and breweries. I do not plan to do the other states so if anyone wants then feel free.

As far as online research goes German Breweries is one of the better ones but I have found them to be only 95% correct. As is the case with Weinziel, a quick look at Weinziel website will show you not only have they started brewing again just recently but even lists their new line of beers. Also from early September until two weeks ago German Breweries had no updates. I will add the new ones that are posted their after I research them. German Breweries goes completely by user submissions and some have proved false.

Brauereigasthof zum Hasen is reported on two other websites as brewing again. Their website hints at this but has little proof, but now that I am back in Germany I will call both of the places and confirm.

Beer Me on the other hand is very inaccurate and has about a 60% correctness only. It does however have some jewels init but it takes a lot of research to get to some of them.

I also check several German sites as well. Over all I have become a lot better at checking if place are brewing or not. Still everything should be posted here so others can cross check them.

There is of course the more questionable ones that I have only listed on this thread that should be checked as well.

Right now Ratebeer has the most up to date map and data base in the world for southern Germany.

beers 6 º places 2 º 00:42 Fri 12/16/2011

What do you lot make of for Franconia?

beers 6 º places 2 º 00:43 Fri 12/16/2011

Specifically their map:

beers 2129 º places 312 º 01:51 Fri 12/16/2011

Nick our Franken expert. I have used them at times but only targeted checks for Franken. Looks like I can do a run through their website as well. Feel free to add and you find.

beers 2129 º places 312 º 05:25 Fri 12/16/2011


And I just left Stuttgart as well and missed this one.It is located near the city center. This is an American brewer that moved to Germany Hence some of the beers are American style. He is brewing two beers with two more do out soon.

Grüner Brauerei

Closed for over 40 years it has been opened again. Although it is owned by Tucher is has its own brewery in its old location in Furth. So far only brewing a Helles but more to come.

Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau

Located in Schwangau near Fussen website says they are brewing with pictures of the brewing process. There is no information on their beers but they say they have a Christmas beer now.

beers 2129 º places 312 º 23:54 Wed 1/18/2012

Landhaus Arberkristall
Near the Chech border in Bavaria, they report six beers.

Ammerseer Brauhaus
Closed in 1974, brewing started (albeit on a much smaller scale) in the former Brauerei Schreyegg in Stegen, near Inning, not far from Andechs. No information on their beers