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beers 1862 º places 13 º 14:47 Mon 9/18/2017

I'm visiting the southern portion of New Hampshire (between Keene and Manchester) between October 20-24. Any must try breweries that I should consider on my visit? Willing to travel to southern Vermont and Maine, but near Portsmouth - but can be convinced to go further.

I know of course Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery, but looking to visit the up-and-coming brewers in the area.

beers 10651 º places 821 º 15:00 Mon 9/18/2017

Earth Eagle was a favorite of mine. Just a few blocks away from Portsmouth Brewery.

beers 10651 º places 821 º 15:02 Mon 9/18/2017

Paging Airforcehops!

beers 2045 º places 169 º 15:32 Mon 9/18/2017

Thirsty Moose has a really solid tap list and good bar food. One of the nights, maybe Tuesday? was really cheap. Like $.50 pours for flights, 1/2 price apps and $.50 wings or something. Cool spots to hang out. I went to two different ones while there. Lots of beers on tap.

beers 2504 º places 24 º 18:48 Mon 9/18/2017

Stone Face. Do it.

beers 2444 º places 104 º 19:14 Mon 9/18/2017

Second on the Stoneface. Deciduous in Newmarket is a very short drive from Stoneface. Some phenomenal beers there. Earth Eagle is interesting, but good. Some very unusual beers. Great Rhythm in Portsmouth also has some solid offerings.

beers 2773 º places 61 º 05:06 Tue 9/19/2017

Throwback in North Hampton. Venture inland to Derry and you'll find Rockingham (my personal fav), From The Barrel, Kelsen and 603. All within a few miles of each other.

beers 1862 º places 13 º 10:51 Tue 9/19/2017

Thanks everyone! This is all incredibly helpful!

mcox90 - Thanks for those Londonderry recommendations. That's on the way to Portsmouth in relation to where we are staying, so we'll likely visit that little cluster.

beers 6315 º places 209 º 20:49 Tue 9/19/2017

If you can venture just over the border into Kittery Maine Tributary is making some great beer. They are actually having a Mott the Lesser release on Oct 21st if you can work it into your plans.

beers 6315 º places 209 º 20:57 Tue 9/19/2017

If you're in Manchester Backyard Brewing a really new but so far impressive brew pub and Great North Aleworks are great stops as well.

beers 18671 º places 1539 º 22:46 Tue 9/19/2017

Plus whatever on Stone Face.

Black Birch (restaurant) in just across the river in Kittery, ME was also great.