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Hey all,

Iím somewhat new to RB, been here a little while with some reviews, lots of ticks, and mostly submitting updates and additions to local beer, brewers, etc. and just lurking around the forums.

To be honest, Iíve never liked doing íreviewsí of beer. I think thatís because I have a hard time putting down hard numbers on beer. Iím also a beginner homebrewer and getting ready to start another brew later this month or next when I get a free weekend.

I also run a little site for VT Beer. So as Iíve been adding content to that site (brewers and now RateBeer beer), Iíve been submitting updates and filling in the blanks for VT brewers and beers.

Iíve also developed a íBeer Ratingsí WordPress plugin for RateBeer data (using RateBeerís API and guidelines). I canít call the plugin íRateBeerí due to compliance with the RateBeer API guidelines, so itís called Beer Ratings :)

So if you have a WordPress blog and want to use the plugin then check it out and let me know if you have any feedback/requests. Iím slowly working through the rest of the API functionality to get everything working.


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Can you get me a growler of Ephraim?

JK, welcome.

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I like where you are going with your site. I noticed on the VT brewery map that Madison Brewing in Bennington is missing.

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Also missing is McNeills in Brattleboro.

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Thanks. Both should be on the map since I have their addresses in the database (both have individual pages on site with brewer data).

I just double checked. Yep, both are there, but the icons for Whetstone (Brattleboro) and Northshire (Bennington) are on top of the icons for McNeills and Madison Breweries. You just need to really zoom in there to see it. Thatís Google maps fault :)