New IL Brewery Updates Thread

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FYI, Argyle Brewing is now Begyle Brewing.

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A bit more news. Apparently New Chicago Beer is no longer going to be operating out of the plant. It sounds like a lot of their delays may have been the result of the organization at the plant. They still intend to open this year, just need a new place to call home.

07:04 Thu 4/19/2012
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Originally posted by timmxAnyone heard anything more about this...
New to me too. As is Temperance Brewing in Evanston. What a great name for a brewery in that city!
Their Twitter
Website (just a logo placeholder for now).

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Sounds like Virtue Cider is closing on a 48 acre area near Fennville (Mich, I assume) for their farm/operations today.

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Solemn Oath has been added to the database. Their first event is finally confirmed too the chibeerweek schedule at Bavarian Lodge.. had to keep it hush hush previously.. but hopefully, some can make it out.. will be a Greenbush/Solemn Oath double dip evening for me. Cheers

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And now: Hopothesis Brewing (, which will apparently be at Beer Under Glass.

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Solemn Oath Storefront officially got final licensing.

Will be open Saturday, May 19th.

That should move any future Solemn Oath updated to the Around Town thread.

Congrats to Tim Marshall and the crew!

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Today this on Facebook, from Village Vintner & Brewery in Algonquin:

Grand Opening today at 5pm.

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Never mind. No beer yet, their own wine and food. Maybe in a week or so I was told. Whatever.