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Perennialís soft open is today starting at 4:00. The Hommel Bier and Southside Blonde will be available and a food truck will be on site. Strawberry Rhubarb Tart should show up sometime this weekend. Iím not sure Iíll be able to visit until next week but this is great news.

The Civil Life will be having a gradual soft opening for friends and family over the next couple weeks. It sounds like if you call ahead you can visit, but they just donít want it to seem like theyíre open to the general public quite yet.

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Very excited about this. Hoping to make it to Perennial sometime this weekend. That strawberry rhubarb wit sounds great.

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Originally posted by vyvvy
Originally posted by Strykzone
Thanks! I still have to clean out my backlog that includes Repeal!

Augustaís yearly beer festival is (I think) Oct. 8. Maybe I can make it out then and try those two. I had the pleasure of going last year with Vyvvy and it was a very cool event.

Love this event. Itís not often you ask for a Nutsack and arenít embarrassed, but it happened at Augusta last year.
Asking for a Nutsack from Laura Dale, who ainít so hard on the eyes was not easy but it was well worth it.

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Looks like the Bottleworks has a Blonde Ale on- has anyone tried this yet? Doesnít appear to be in the database.

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Originally posted by phaleslu
Looks like the Bottleworks has a Blonde Ale on- has anyone tried this yet? Doesnít appear to be in the database.

Yep, Iíve had it. Back to form Iím not entering stuff as I have it and am getting a backlog. Iíll try to get this entered this evening. Also, I thought it was pretty good. On the husky side, but that fine with me for the style.

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Not sure where the original posting was on this, but was there a decision on whether the previously released 4.7% citrus wit was going to be a combined entry with the 20th anniversary citrus wit that had recipe changes and bumped up alcohol? I just was that this was on tap at The Tap Room & wasnít sure if I need to take notes on it or not.

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Whatís the difference in alcohol? And when does the bottled one come out?

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The way it was explained to me by a moderator, if there is more than a 10% difference in alcohol by volume, it is considered a different beer. So in the case of a 4.7% beer, if the new one is above 5.2% or below 4.2% (i.e. 4.7% + 0.47% = 5.17% and 4.7% - 0.47% = 4.23%), it should be considered a new entry.

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Per the label approved it is 5.5%. It is being listed on the Schlafly site as being on tap. Generally when this series goes on tap, the bottle version is available then or very shortly thereafter. Since I just said that it will probably come out in November....

beers 10247 º places 571 º 13:25 Wed 9/14/2011

Hereís the Schlafly websiteís description of the Blonde Ale: Light to medium bitterness, a balanced beer, light bodied and a bit lager-like. 4.56% abv.

Iíve got to get to the Bottleworks to try it. Itís been a while since Iíve had a Schlafly beer that is new to me.

I just found the info on the No. 20 Vol. 3 Citrus Witbier: 6.5% ABV, so itís a new entry. I can get on that right now.