New RateBeer Forums and BeerMail available now to early adopters

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Our new, modern forums are here:
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beers 2898 º places 125 º 17:32 Wed 10/18/2017

All RateBeerians are now invited to try out our new state of the art RateBeer forums. You can get a head start by digging into them here now:

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NOTICE: These forums along with its BeerMail system will replace the current related software in the coming weeks.
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From a usability perspective, our new forums offers a host of new features recently popularized by large social networks, such as infinite scrolling, live updates, oneboxing, expanding links, web site previews and drag and drop attachments. The aim is to modernize with the best and best-supported software available and thereby improve online discussion quality, primarily for a subset of users that spends the most time here. Additionally, moderators have more powers to stop SPAM and control wayward posting.

We encourage your feedback and are breaking with tradition by creating a feedback category there for you to leave your thoughts.




beers 3258 º places 138 º 22:59 Thu 10/19/2017

You probably don't want to point out how few posts there are per month.

Overall I'd say it's, uh... not great. What's with the 60/40 veritcal split? There are too many colors, and they are all really close; you aren't providing value anymore with that, no one is going to go like "light green is site news and dark green is beer trade!". The infinite scrolling that you claim doesn't seem to exist, you still have to hit the More button. The design of the index page is really hard to visually track and distinguish and everything just blends together into one giant blob. The actual thread pages might be even worse. What's the the random bar of garbage below the first post? Tags? Who tags forum posts? That won't be used for anything but memes. The scroll position on the right side is silly and pointless.

The new functionality is all well and good but the design is a huge step backwards.

beers 12459 º places 219 º 23:06 Thu 10/19/2017

Not able to log-in on Safari

beers 21223 º places 832 º 00:12 Fri 10/20/2017

What happened to your promise to prioritise bugfixes over new "features"? In particular, "features" that precisely nobody has been clamouring for?

beers 1745 º places 47 º 10:24 Sun 10/22/2017

As above, site reliability, functionality and bugfixes first of all, forums can't be a priority. I'd say nowadays people uses facebook or other social platforms as forum.

beers 2825 º places 25 º 10:45 Sun 10/22/2017

I like the look of the new forums.

beers 3541 º places 65 º 12:27 Sun 10/22/2017

beers 33196 º places 453 º 16:37 Sun 10/22/2017

Originally posted by JaKeAFC
As above, site reliability, functionality and bugfixes first of all, forums can't be a priority. I'd say nowadays people uses facebook or other social platforms as forum.

your right, and i think ratebeer has been dieing a slow death as much because of FB and twitter as untappd. If ratebeer is to thrive I think that will be by keeping and building on the community i know rb for as well as getting the rating right

just this trip to NY i met up with 6 different people at different times via ratebeer.

beers 20524 º places 1602 º 03:23 Mon 10/23/2017

Fiddling with Forums and Beermail whilst Ratebeer burns.

beers 65427 º places 139 º 03:37 Mon 10/23/2017

Originally posted by imdownthepub
Fiddling with Forums and Beermail whilst Ratebeer burns.

And Forums is the only thing that always works.

Ps. New forum do not work on Chroombook
Can only can see it in a split second and the it change to a blank white page that after very long time times out with a error.

beers 5858 º places 278 º 09:22 Mon 10/23/2017

Joined! This is a huge upgrade. Nice job RB devs! It's very dynamic, fast, love it.