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beers 1664 º places 356 º 07:55 Mon 11/6/2017

Doesn't work for me. Forwards me via a mobile link back to Maybe because I'm on a Chromebook, it thinks I'm on mobile or something?

beers 7613 º places 283 º 08:40 Mon 11/6/2017

Yep, maybe that's my problem, using a chromebook? It seems yes!

I was using a CB.

I just tried it from my other computer and it works! YAY!

beers 4705 º places 276 º 09:02 Mon 11/6/2017

keeps forwarding my FF on Windows to mobile site and not loading.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 16:14 Mon 11/6/2017

I'm hoping there is no OTM on the new forum.

beers 2825 º places 25 º 16:15 Mon 11/6/2017
beers 10772 º places 387 º 18:42 Mon 11/6/2017

FYI, I posted a new post and a few replies to existing posts over the last few minutes and just got a "429 Too Many Requests" message. I refreshed about a minute later and the forum was back up for me.

The last post I was going to submit when I got that message wasn't posted, BUT a draft was saved which I was able to submit and it posted. That was a nice feature!

beers 2067 º places 38 º 19:01 Mon 11/6/2017

Please leave the old forums and beermail available for all the people who don't like change.

beers 33196 º places 453 º 00:50 Tue 11/7/2017

Originally posted by MacBoost
Please leave the old forums and beermail available for all the people who don't like change.

and split RB in two, that doesnt seem a clever idea.

There is not that much different about the forums, Just a few extra features

beers 2067 º places 38 º 09:47 Tue 11/7/2017

Yes, all the new aged guys can go to the new forums and the chavs can stay here

beers 2898 º places 125 º 12:48 Tue 11/7/2017

If you check out the link to the new forums, you will see a handy link in the footer to the archived old forums.

After a period of time, we will disable posting to the archived forums.