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Originally posted by harrisoni
Originally posted by haddonsman
Because I’ve literally had a hand in brewing it.

I hope you washed it first

It’s OK. I wore gloves

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Originally posted by harrisoni
Yeah I might make more of an effort for this one than the last. So a day cycling round 13 Spoons again seems necessary.

Hoo-flipping-ray! You doing a cycle-based, Spoons-based tasting sesh a couple of years back was one of my favourite forum threads ever!

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Yep, I’ll look forward to a repeat of Ian’s heroic ale-a-thon, and make sure I’m not driving in London that day for fear of drunk cyclists!

Have had a chance to look at the list properly now, the Avery Adnams one sounds a winner for me. Also the Feral IPA at Banks (who always seem to do rather well with these guest brewers), and the Ijbok (despite it being at Batemans).

If all the guest brews are true to their original styles, this could be one of the most stylistically varied Spoonsfests ever. Also, Spoons seem to have been fairly brave on the number of stronger brews this time. Well done, Tim Martin! I’m looking forward to it.


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Thanks for the kind words Dan and Anth.

Here is a reminder of what happened that day....

I still remember my American guardian angel, what a lovely girl she was...... I need to go and lie down again.

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I’ll be able to give this one more attention this time, as I no longer will be working, I might even join the early morning club :-))

The Avery/Adnams looks interesting along with Tree Brewing and Feral. Strangely only 1 Porter (which looks dubious) and 1 Stout (good but seen before), thought there might be more of these in an Autumn / Wintery Fest.

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On top of that, looking forward to the Ishii Minagof, much improved Thwaites and the Woodforde’s, so plenty to look out for.

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looking forward to trying hefe hare and the batemans on cask,in fact its one of the best lists in a long time!

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Many thanks to whatever kind soul has been in and added all the new beers to the database - I’d put aside thise evening whilst my wife’s out to start doing it myself, so you’ve saved me quite a job!

Just a few questions:
1) Do we want to add a cask version of the Harviestoun Wild Hop Gold (note the current version shows as pasteurised bottle at a different ABV?
2) Do we want to add a UK cask version of the Steenbrugges (or is the plural Steebruggi?)?
3) Is the GK IPA Reserve bottle conditioned or not? If it’s pasteurised, an admin (sorry) will need to separate out some of the existing ratings into separate cask and bottle entries, so that we can avoid drinking the correct one during the fest...
4) I know that beer styes are always a moot point (ie they’re all pale ales), and we can’t really judge until we’ve tasted them, but Tree and Svyturys both say they’re looking to recreate their existing ales, and I think we should do them the courtesy of assuming they’ll be successful in this until we can taste and judge otherwise - so should be Amber Ale and Marzen respectively, rather than ESB & porter as described.
5) In the same vein, I think the Feral one should be an IPA (or poss APA) & the Ishii one an APA (along with possibly the Avery?).

Glad to see they’ve been entered as collaborations (which I think is correct) rathe than as contract brews, whch has happened sometimes in the past.

Sorry to be an absolute pain in the arse, and again can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am to whoever entered these!


beers 5301 º places 174 º 14:39 Tue 9/25/2012

I believe it was

I added themall the last few times though

beers 15131 º places 1150 º 23:22 Tue 9/25/2012

Not a problem, just thought I would get stuck into it. Some good discussion points here, I have just popped on before going to work, so I will have to go over them in more depth later but;
1) I’ll take a look at that, you could well be right.
2) The Steenbrugge (Palm) beers have caused a bit of discussion in Admin. We are going to look at it when they hit the bar to see if we can create them as new beers as these are imports.
3) Again I’ll take a look at this.
4) Hmmm. They may be trying to recreate their style, but thes, in the end, will be cask ales and perhaps not true to their original form. We need to wait and see.
5) As above.
Sorry this is rushed, but I will pick the points up a little later.