Not enough time to enjoy a fall beer IN TH FALL before breweries stop making it...........

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15:53 Thu 8/2/2012

Same with all the other seasonal beers. The spring beer was already out during January so during the April, May and June when it was spring, a lot of the spring beers were off the shelves and bar tabs. I remember seeing Sam Adams summer beer out as early as March and now its the middle of Summer and some breweries have stopped making their summer beer.

Why do they keep releasing the seasonal beers too early? Why not make each seasonal beer in the season its supposed to be instead of stop making it in that season.

The only thing worse about releasing a seasonal beer too early is when they stop making that seasonal beer too early. When its the middle of fall, I want a fall beer and they stop making it.

Winter beers should be made in December, January and February
Spring Beers should be made in March, April and May
Summer beers should be made in June, July and August
Fall beers should be made in September, October, and November.

Make sense?

beers 640 º places 33 º 16:06 Thu 8/2/2012

Maybe buy them and sit on them until you’re ready to drink them?

beers 582 º places 34 º 17:37 Thu 8/2/2012

Saw Great Lakes Octoberfest on the shelves today in Ohio (had to do a double take). It’s a bit depression seeing fall beer when it’s still summer. Love the fall season, but I am not ready yet!

17:50 Thu 8/2/2012

and its even more depressing for October and November (the middle of fall) to be here and all the fall beers are gone!

beers 1223 º places 112 º 17:51 Thu 8/2/2012

I blame motherfucking global warming. For everything.

beers 582 º places 34 º 17:58 Thu 8/2/2012

Blame Leap Year...maybe we need to re-examine this date.

beers 4057 º places 150 º 18:05 Thu 8/2/2012

Same with cars, everyone tries to release earlier than their competitors,not sure how we get the message across

beers 1707 º places 103 º 18:11 Thu 8/2/2012

It’s how God willed it and it’s not up to us to question His decisions. Vollont, you will go to Hell for all eternity and pay for your sins of questioning His ways. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a Holy Water shower and wash this dirt away.

beers 474 º places 17 º 18:22 Thu 8/2/2012

it is pretty damn ridiculous. Sam adams harvest 12 pack, 6 freakin PUMPKIN beers, and at least another 12 fall beers were all out on my visit to the shop today. SN summerfest was discounted $1/6’er. kind of retarded. Considering this has been the hottest 6 months of any year for a century or whatever you could perhaps justify the summer stuff coming out early but this has been a trend.

beers 2459 º places 109 º 18:22 Thu 8/2/2012

The brewing industry has discovered time travel

beers 2936 º places 85 º 18:27 Thu 8/2/2012