Not enough time to enjoy a fall beer IN TH FALL before breweries stop making it...........

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beers 581 º places 34 º 18:42 Thu 8/2/2012

When it’s 96 degrees outside at 9:00pm in Ohio and I want a beer, Octoberfest sounds so refreshing! I’ll be suprised if there is any left on the shelf tomorrow morning.

beers 2470 º places 44 º 06:06 Fri 8/3/2012

I agree. Saw Great Lakes Octoberfest on July 27 - I’d say that’s at least 1 month too soon; and my local beer store already has a few pumpkin brews in stock. I have no desire to drink any of that stuff in this weather.

06:30 Fri 8/3/2012

Pressure from distributors, who are in competition with each other, is why seasonals are now out of season before the season gets here. The "distros" want the breweries they rep to get their seasonals to market before the breweries that the other "distros" rep get to market. That has created a paranoid mad-dash by these "distros" who are afraid of losing profits from their brand-A seasonal to their competitors brand-A seasonal. They, the "distros" are not worried about the art of it all, they are not worried about what the forums think. The majority of the great unwashed that go "ooooh, pumpkin beer!" are who they’re after.

They all want your dollars, so why not vote with them?


I’m down, vollont. I’m down.

10:14 Fri 8/3/2012

Winter beers should be brewed in it would hit the shelves in mid Jan. after the season is almost done? You mean they should be brewed in October so that they hit the shelves by December? Vollont, please stop....just stop.

beers 353 º places 60 º 10:41 Fri 8/3/2012

Stale is wonderful in a land of can’t tell the difference anyway.
About 6 weeks ago I wanted to pick up a 12 pk of Deschutes Blond Ale, Twilight. It was made in February.
I passed it over till a couple weeks later when I found a fresher one.

10:45 Fri 8/3/2012

I blame El Niño.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 10:54 Fri 8/3/2012

Pumpkin beer sales die the day after halloween. Oktoberfest beers in November? You jokin or? Better to be early rather than late for most breweries.

beers 2125 º places 10 º 10:57 Fri 8/3/2012

Originally posted by kryptic
I blame El Niño.

I am hoping for a snowier winter here in the DC metro area, so I am rooting for El Niño. Which of course will only mean one thing...winter beers should be on store shelves September 1!

beers 16645 º places 1366 º 10:59 Fri 8/3/2012

Here in Southern California, we just have hot and then a couple months when it rains sometimes. Not sure what this "fall" that you speak of is...