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Reads 714 • Replies 20 • Started Saturday, July 15, 2017 7:09:00 AM CT

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beers 6638 º places 262 º 07:09 Sat 7/15/2017

you local guys that quit rating in RB, are you using another beer rating website or app?

beers 6638 º places 262 º 14:24 Sat 7/29/2017

OK, the dead silence of protest.

beers 6638 º places 262 º 13:45 Sun 7/30/2017

or, did you just quit recording your ratings?

I’m sure you didn’t quit drinking beer, heheh

beers 9294 º places 95 º 19:54 Sun 7/30/2017

I’m still here. But I am also copying my scores over on Untappd.

beers 6607 º places 149 º 20:38 Sun 7/30/2017

Most of us have since abandoned this sinking ship.

beers 9294 º places 95 º 21:07 Sun 7/30/2017

I dont blame you. I’m just stubborn

beers 10386 º places 355 º 01:04 Mon 7/31/2017

I’m still rating. Doubt the ship is sinking, more a painful transition.

beers 1606 º places 115 º 10:49 Mon 7/31/2017

I don’t really rate anymore, but any I do are done here.

beers 6638 º places 262 º 15:49 Mon 7/31/2017

Will untappd’s data base mature and become more meaningful?

beers 4279 º places 330 º 12:34 Tue 8/8/2017

Still lurking about - I moved this summer and have been too busy to keep up. I have a big back log I’ll enter eventually.

beers 3583 º places 66 º 16:21 Tue 8/8/2017

I rate on both. I like the info on RB a hundred times better. I just had New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin. Rated it here (there was only one other rating). Looked it up on untappd and there’s 3 different entries for the same beer. The info, stats and usability of RB far outweigh the others but I see the allure of both