Now with more horsepower

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beers 20857 º places 44 º 08:09 Sat 9/30/2017

Site is now 1000% better. Thanks!

beers 19726 º places 200 º 08:59 Sat 9/30/2017

I still get an error message everytime I try to access Strange Crafts brewer page. What's up with that? Ive sent messages to feedback.

beers 3206 º places 121 º 09:39 Sat 9/30/2017

Seems faster. Looks like GTIN search is not working any longer, though (via mobile).

beers 7406 º places 281 º 12:23 Sat 9/30/2017


beers 2444 º places 104 º 18:26 Sat 9/30/2017

Originally posted by Ibrew2or3
Originally posted by RABinCO
I was wondering why my BMs were so slow. But now everything is flowing just gr8!

Fiber and beer should help out those BM's to move a bit faster!

beers 14609 º places 583 º 14:18 Sun 10/1/2017

More horsepower eh? Lemme get to those mobile photo uploads then?

Rest of the site seems to be running fine though. Couldn't rate live last weekend (yay for ye olde notebook and pen), but this weekend it was smooth.

beers 20360 º places 45 º 15:51 Sun 10/1/2017

It comes with a free frogurt

beers 3042 º places 94 º 02:38 Mon 10/2/2017


beers 23146 º places 67 º 16:05 Mon 10/2/2017

wow it's great. I mean the pages flow from page to page. Thanks for making my RB online experience better.

beers 23146 º places 67 º 16:11 Mon 10/2/2017

Originally posted by Reid

Hello again... Still love the Aberdeen FC reference.