NYC Bicycle Beer Tour

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17:54 Tue 5/22/2012

I am thinking about starting a business in New York City where my business partner and I take a group of 6-8 people on a tour via bicycles of famous breweries and pubs throughout the city and show the different food that can be paired with them...along with the history of the city we are riding through.
We would charge a fixed rate that would include tours at the breweries, drink at each place along with light appetizers that pair with the different beers.
The route(s) would be roughly 6-7 miles long and last somewhere around 5 hours...something very doable on a bicycle on the flats of NYC.
I wanted to post on this forum to see what people thought and if you think people may be interested in something like this?

beers 3 º 18:00 Tue 5/22/2012

You can get a DUI on a bicycle in NYC right? I love the idea though.

beers 4217 º places 459 º 18:07 Tue 5/22/2012

I like the idea. Why not drive your 6-8 people around in a van. It would likely be faster, no chance for DUI, and not everybody is going to want to ride a bike.

18:11 Tue 5/22/2012

thanks for the feedback, and it varies by state certainly...We would ideally have 1 beer/ flight at each stop so nothing crazy by any means. Our experience would be geared less towards a "bar crawl" and more towards the brewery tours, explaining the different brewing processes, what foods to pair while providing an informational tour of NYC.

18:16 Tue 5/22/2012

That’s a great point also not everyone wants to ride a bike...but I figured with the amount of tourist/ residents in nyc and how easy it is to get from place to place in nyc it would be fairly easy to get a couple tours filled on the weekend.
I would have to look into the legality of biking for sure.
I know there is a guided bus tour in NYC already but by no means does that mean you can’t make it better, take a different route, make it cheaper, etc...thanks for the feedback

beers 9929 º places 213 º 18:28 Tue 5/22/2012

We got subways yo

beers 9929 º places 213 º 18:29 Tue 5/22/2012

And biking in the city is no picnic. Especially for tourists used to riding in the burbs.

beers 6050 º places 104 º 18:29 Tue 5/22/2012

dude, i like it. Of course I race bikes and drink like a fish.

beers 324 º places 3 º 18:52 Tue 5/22/2012

To be honest I think it’s a very bad idea to have buzzed to drunk tourists riding bicycles through the streets and sidewalks of NYC.

19:04 Tue 5/22/2012

Agreed. Getting drunk or even buzzed for that matter is not the goal of the trip by any means. My business partner and I have lived in nyc our whole lives and know the history of the city and also happen to be brewing fanatics.
It would be geared towards visitors of NYC who are looking to learn and see sights of NYC in a different way...along with seeing how some NYC breweries operate and how local pubs pair their extraordinary beer menus with particular foods.
It certainly needs to be looked at further...just trying to lay some groundwork...but thank you for the feedback

beers 324 º places 3 º 19:22 Tue 5/22/2012

Oh I have no doubt that it’s not the goal of your trip, but alcohol and maybe even food for that matter don’t seem to mix with a bike tour. I would look into a mode of transportation that isn’t operated by the tourists.

A walking tour might be a good idea though, depending on the distances.