Off taste at a lot of bew pubs?

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beers 2 º 11:44 Sun 11/5/2017

I feel like just about every time I go to a mediocre brew pub that all of their beers have an off chemical aftertaste. I don't think I've ever noticed that taste in a bottled/canned beer off the shelf, it only seems to be in brew pubs, and generally not the more highly regarded ones. Does anyone know what that is, or am I just crazy? I don't get how these places stay in business, it's almost like it's just in my head, or nobody else notices it.

beers 2793 º places 25 º 12:06 Sun 11/5/2017

Could be the yeast they're using. I have been to and tasted beers from brew pubs and breweries that use a proprietary yeast that doesn't agree with me.

beers 2 º 13:31 Sun 11/5/2017

I guess it could be, but I get the same flavor all over the place, I've probably been to at least a dozen places in different cities and states that have that flavor. I must just be sensitive to something, but what I don't get is why I only get that flavor from brew pubs.

beers 2793 º places 25 º 14:33 Sun 11/5/2017

Buttery, sour, bubblegum?

beers 2793 º places 25 º 14:35 Sun 11/5/2017
beers 2 º 14:46 Sun 11/5/2017

I would say either chlorophenol, or solvent.

beers 8457 º places 152 º 19:45 Sun 11/5/2017

Cleaning beer supply lines is an under appreciated art. It is so easy to just let them continue to provide off flavors. Often, only well developed palates can detect it. They should be cleaned, or replaced, regularly.

beers 2 º 21:00 Sun 11/5/2017

That sounds like it could be the case. That said, although I feel like I have an ok palate, I don't think my palate is extraordinary by any means. After posting this I'm starting to think that there's almost something wrong with me. I was honestly expecting people to confirm my experiences and explain them, but here I am on my own. I kind of just wish I could appreciate these places.

beers 4705 º places 276 º 08:54 Mon 11/6/2017

I find that mediocre beers at mediocre brewpubs all tastes similarly mediocre. Its either dull base malts for their lineup or the same yeast for all their beers. This leads to a dull house character. I find this to be the case more often than an actual "off-flavor." I also come across atrocious uses of hops for beer, though most around me disagree.

Bottom line: perhaps you are just tasting mediocre beer using stale/dull malts/hops more commonly than an off-flavor?

beers 21006 º places 830 º 09:07 Mon 11/6/2017

Many modern brewpubs have issues, and it's difficult to broach such issues with staff. In some ways it's regional, slight flaws that have just become part of the local scene over decades to centuries (some diacetyl is considered acceptible in Czech beers, some lacticity is overlooked in Latvian and Lithuanian beers). However, these flaws if overlooked can become disastrous if they go too far. I'm pretty sure nobody's ever said "I like a bit of tcp or bandaid in my beer", but some brewpubs do seem to act as if that's just the locally preferred taste, and don't seem to notice or care about it. Theoretically, market forces should prevail.

beers 2896 º places 125 º 11:15 Mon 11/6/2017

One other possibility is that the facility itself and/or its glassware is using a cleaner that effects the beer's perceived aroma. There are some facilities that I've visited that smell so strongly of cleaning solutions that it's made it hard to discern the beers' aromas from ambient. I've also visited a brewing facility that was also a restaurant and every piece of glassware smelled doggy. The staff were toweling off each and every glass, that had all gone through the dishwasher with eggy breakfast plates, and every single one smelled like a wet dog, even my water glass.