Oklahoma Onion Burgers

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beers 1638 º places 30 º 16:22 Thu 5/23/2013

Originally posted by joet
Thanks for the positive nod to Oklahoma, a place still suffering Monday’s horrible tornado tragedy.

Good to see Saveur recognizing this perfect, simple food. What do you think of adding sweet, dark beer as recommended after the recipe? We used to have turkey burger stout recipe around here that was not all that far from these onion burgers.

oh I bet that would go great with the onions. I went with seltzer water last night though and an after dinner Manhattan

beers 1638 º places 30 º 16:28 Thu 5/23/2013

Oh, and if you ever find yourselves in Central OK some places I highly recommend:
1. El Reno 20 miles west of OKC on I-40 is pretty much the birthplace. Sid’s, where the above recipe came from is good, but I prefer the 75 year old Johnnie’s Grill. They also have an Onion Burger festival in El Reno, which is pretty cool.
2. THE place in OKC is Nic’s on Western. Unfortunately it is tiny and it was already hard to get in, and then Guy Fiere went and now it is almost impossible. There is ALWAYS a line out the door, but if you get lucky it is truly amazing.
3. My favorite local place was always little Bunny’s in NW OKC near Warr Acres. Cool little place and great onion burgers.

beers 4200 º places 33 º 16:51 Thu 5/23/2013

Sounds simple and awesome, will make this next burgerbeermeetup, thanks!