Ommegang dog friendly??

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beers 45 º places 15 º 16:19 Mon 8/20/2012

Headed to Ommegang, wondering if itís ok to bring dog to the outside area...

beers 999 º places 47 º 17:05 Mon 8/20/2012

call them.

beers 3925 º places 267 º 10:23 Fri 8/24/2012

yes you can. iíve done it and so have others. they canít go inside though, but patio is nice.

beers 45 º places 15 º 18:11 Sun 9/9/2012

Thanks Jow... Iíve found traveling with my dog the last 3 years, 14 states, and over 7k miles, "policies" are way dif than actual experiences...

beers 45 º places 15 º 18:05 Sun 10/7/2012

Update: We went and the "patio" was closed since all the furniture was somewhere else. Looked like there was or was going to be a HUGE concert outside so there wasnít much room to sit. We managed to find a picnic table and hang out there, but had to go in for everything. BEWARE of the bees, lots, everywhere..