Oops! Added too many hops

Reads 2364 • Replies 19 • Started Saturday, February 2, 2013 11:11:04 AM CT

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beers 34 º 11:11 Sat 2/2/2013

I’m in the middle of brewing a 1.050ish estimated OG hefeweizen when I realize that I’ve dumped the entire 1 oz package of hallertau hops (4.3%AA) instead of the intended .8 oz

According to Beersmith the hefe will go from 11.6 IBU to 14.4 IBU.

I’m not an experienced enough brewer to know, will this create a significant change in flavor? Most importantly, will it be too bitter?

Worst part is I haven’t even had any beer yet to blame my goof up on...

beers 1223 º places 112 º 11:11 Sat 2/2/2013

I love "too many" of any ingredient.

11.6 to 14.4? Doesn’t sound significant, but I don’t brew, so don’t listen to me.

beers 6567 º places 146 º 11:13 Sat 2/2/2013

You are more than okay... if it is to hoppy for ya just let the hop fade a few weeks more.

beers 6372 º places 241 º 11:14 Sat 2/2/2013

According to the BJCP style guidelines, German hefeweizen should be between 8-15 IBU’s…. don’t worry, your golden!

beers 861 º places 25 º 11:28 Sat 2/2/2013

I don’t think I have ever measured hops in anything other than 0.5 oz increments. Why save 0.2 ounces? I would have just tossed it in the boil. Not many people could tell a difference in 3 ibu.

beers 2710 º places 77 º 15:39 Sat 2/2/2013

Many a happy accident started with this realization, I am thinking.

beers 6567 º places 146 º 15:49 Sat 2/2/2013

Originally posted by Indra
Many a happy accident started with this realization, I am thinking.

Indra spitting truth!

beers 515 º places 2 º 15:54 Sat 2/2/2013

That’s not really a big change and would not worry. It might add a little more hop flavor, but acute.

15:59 Sat 2/2/2013

0.2 oz more bittering hops? You’re fucked for sure.

beers 2468 º places 57 º 16:05 Sat 2/2/2013

You should ramp it up a bit, add some more.

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