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beers 844 º places 20 º 21:17 Mon 9/11/2017

So I just brewed a Northern English brown ale, and I decided to go with an open fermentation. Anyone tried this method before? Any tips, pros/cons, etc would be appreciated.

beers 6219 º places 450 º 07:40 Tue 9/12/2017

I've done open fermentation for my pilsners a couple of times. Nothing much to it really but leaving your container open. In my case, this was done in a fermentation fridge though so I had very little concern for external nasties coming in. You need to be careful the room you are in is clean of other contaminants (acetobacter come to mind, if you've been fermenting sour it can be in the room and find a way into the beer).

beers 6 º places 2 º 09:31 Tue 9/12/2017

I did dozens and dozens of 22 L batches in a big stainless kettle with the lid on, on my kitchen counter. I would still be doing it that way if I were still brewing.

11:06 Tue 9/12/2017

I open ferment all my beers. I just put a loose fitting lid on my carboy until active fermentation dies down, then I put on an airlock. Never had an issue.

beers 3399 º places 101 º 11:22 Tue 9/12/2017

Used to do mine in a converted half keg, open top. Put some type of cover on it ,cheese cloth or an old pair of my wife's panty hose to keep the critters out. 'Twas a sight to behold! Never had an issue.

beers 3437 º places 209 º 13:12 Tue 9/12/2017

All of my mead is done with a loose lid. If I'm doing beers in a bucket, same. Carboy I just use an airlock for ease.

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