Oskar Blues in the UK

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The fruits of that deal they signed with Brewdog seem to have appeared in the bars over here.

Had a Daleís Pale Ale and a Gubna last night. Both 2 months old and probably not at their best. Were ok. Had planned on getting stuck into a Ten Fidy but the wife required my presence back at the homestead.

They also had oSKAr the GíRauch, Deviant Daleís, Old Chub and a few others. Should be hitting the online shop in the near future.

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I think 8 or 9 weeks old is still pretty decent for US imports. The Stone 90 day freshness ethos is what I go by now for hoppy beers, we arenít realistically going to get 2 week old US IPAs in the UK to be fair. Will check out the Oskar Blues range when it comes on sale online for sure (so long as itís not filthily expensive)

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Roughly £8 for the 500ml cans and i think £4 for 330ml. I was impressed with Daleís and Deviant Daleís. Both were still very hoppy.

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Ten Fidy is freakin good

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Ten Fidy and Gubna were around the £10 mark in the bar. Should be cheaper online.

A month seems to be about the best case scenario for US imports. e.g. thatís the freshest Iíve seen Goose Island and apparently thatís how old that last Founders shipment was when it arrived here.

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Originally posted by maneliquor
Ten Fidy is freakin good

dissapointed me both times, weve got far better stouts locally for my tastes

04:45 Tue 6/25/2013

Do you really even need to drink 2 month old pale and ipa when there is great fresh beer being made in the UK? Also gubna is fucking horrid liquid onions.

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Ten Fidy is good but is £10.50

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I enjoyed tasting the range the other day some tasty stuff, but I echo what Ryan said drink local :)

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Originally posted by RichTheVillan
Ten Fidy is good but is £10.50

At BrewDog? Thatís BS. How much is the Daleís? Oskar Blues isnít cheap in the US, but that price is still about 3-4x what you would pay Stateside.