Paris, Northern France, Brittany/Normany

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Excellent- thanks for all the advice so far

beers 1604 º places 353 º 08:42 Fri 3/2/2012

If you’ll be in Lille than you’ll be in Nord-Pas de Calais, which is the real French beer country. If you like atmospheric little estaminets and French ale and French food, then that’s the bee’s tits. This site is pretty handy but doesn’t always indicate where to find the better beer lists: And check the hours because they’re spotty and many are only open weekends.

A visit to Cassel and the Kerelshof is a must. Brasserie Thiriez also has an estaminet and is easy to visit, with the excellent Etoile du Nord usually on tap.

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Brasserie Thiriez, to the north-west of Lille near the coast. I haven’t been there personally but friends who have been speak highly of it. Call ahead to organise a lookaround. I’ve had their beers, they didn’t disappoint.

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Originally posted by JK
Originally posted by GT2
I’ll be in Paris for 3 full days and and half day getting in. I’m going to hit the highlights like you mentioned above plus Versailles, which I’m assuming is an all day trip in of itself.

Are there specific beers Simon likes? Do I need to message him beforehand or just drop in with some hoppy American stuff?

Also, his shop is a on a small street, not on all the maps, so be prepared beforehand.

Yeah, it’s a very narrow street that kinda hard to find the first time. Simon is awesome, and he speaks great English. I sat on a doorway step next to a dried pile of puke and drank a saison that I had just purchased from him. Good times!

Also, for sighseeing in Paris, I would recommend the catacombs. It’s a fascinating tour (self-guided) but it’s interesting, at least for those of us with a slightly morbid bent. The line outside can be a bit long but the staff keeps things moving so the wait isn’t terrible. Plus, it’s not far from Tour Montparnasse, which has the best view of Paris. (The view affords you Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, etc.)

If you take a Normandy tour (HIGHLY recommended), I would suggest Battlebus tours. My buddy and I used them and they were fantastic. Very knowledgable staff that packs as much in without sacrificing the scope of what you are seeing. Every second is filled with facts, stories, and photo ops. Not a second was wasted but it never felt like we were being rushed or inundated with useless gibberish.

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comments/help(on comments);
-lancelot,telenn-du>the owner speaks english
-somewhere "romantic"-most places in the area(brittany)are geared up for the summer months,wherever you go you should have a lot of space.if you like "port towns",send me a bm.i do not want to give a name on an open forum as most people that i know,in small town brittany,tolerate tourists in the summer but are less then pleased to see them in march!
-do not know anything about cider,but can tell you that most small towns that have a weekly market have homemade cider for sale.

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Just done the 3 Brasseurs in Lille. A bit expensive but I had a great 3 hours trying the beers and bought bottles to take away

beers 3 º places 68 º 14:39 Mon 3/5/2012

If you come in Lille I will be very happy to welcome you at La Capsule and Abbaye des Saveurs...and drink some nice craft french beers with you! Just send me a private msg if you come.