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beers 4091 º places 287 º 06:40 Wed 5/1/2013

I’ll be here for work Thursday through Sunday. Any new beers around town I should keep an eye out for? I’m staying at Westin Phoenix downtown with no car. Looks like Angel’s Trumpet Ale House is easy walk so def be there sometime

beers 2211 º places 45 º 07:07 Wed 5/1/2013

Are you limited to walking or are you willing to cab it?

Some other places not far from where you are staying are Main Ingredient and Lost Leaf.

Unfortunately, Phoenix is a place where a car is necessary and downtown Phoenix is not the beer epicenter of the Valley although it is getting better.

beers 4091 º places 287 º 07:23 Wed 5/1/2013

I can take a cab.

beers 4091 º places 287 º 15:19 Wed 5/1/2013

I wish there was a recent raves for local areas. Basically I know top beers of location but it’d be cool to see what locals are excited about around town. Not necessarily that’s brewed in town. But no complaints plenty of AZ beers I’m yet to try.

beers 349 º places 1 º 11:18 Fri 5/3/2013

If you are ok with cabbing it, you must check out Fate Brewery. This is the newest "hotspot" and they just happen to be releasing 2 new beers this Saturday. You will find a few RBers there as well. I can put the feelers out and see what time we will be meeting up and let you know if you would like.

beers 349 º places 1 º 11:22 Fri 5/3/2013

Oh, it is off Scottsdale Rd and 74th St in Scottsdale. It will be hike from downtown, but should be worth it. They are releasing a Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout and Habanero Cream ale in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

beers 4091 º places 287 º 12:23 Fri 5/3/2013

That sounds awesome. Unfortunatly I think Saturday I am booked solid for work. Wish this was Friday. Loved angel trumpet ale house probably be back there tonight

beers 349 º places 1 º 12:29 Fri 5/3/2013

If you are free today, we are doing a tasting at daknole’s place. It is something to experience. There will be about 10 of us from a facebook group, but also some from RB as well. I would even offer to come pick you up, but you would need to cab it back. It is at 3 this afternoon. Let me know if you are free.

beers 4091 º places 287 º 12:39 Fri 5/3/2013

Sent u a beermail

beers 11402 º places 464 º 12:43 Fri 5/3/2013

Jow, please join. It’s very informal. A big group of beer lovers. Some RB, many that aren’t. It’s a great time.

beers 349 º places 1 º 00:21 Sat 5/4/2013

Hope we showed you a good time in Phoenix. Let us know if you ever come back!