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beers 3897 º places 267 º 11:25 Sat 5/4/2013

You guys rock. Super generous and welcoming. I had a blast

beers 8 º 13:02 Sat 5/4/2013

Glad to hear you had a great time. The community here is pretty awesome and there’s plenty of great beer if you know where to look.

beers 3897 º places 267 º 15:12 Sat 5/4/2013

yea i just looked through my drunken notes I can’t believe some of the beers we tasted.

beers 8 º 17:52 Sat 5/4/2013

As a Phoenix resident who has been out at these tastings but missed this one, I am very jealous. I am glad you were treated properly, though!