Pickled eggs

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beers 10981 º places 349 º 17:27 Tue 4/4/2017

A venerable old-school bar snack-- do you like pickled eggs or scroll past?

I actually love a good pickled egg, and I especially love when the proprietor adds a little tweak to make theirs something special. I cannot remember where it was, but I had pickled eggs with caraway seeds in the broth and it was absolutely fantastic (Amsterdam maybe?). Anyone make their own, and if you do, what makes your pickled eggs special?

beers 30195 º places 1112 º 17:35 Tue 4/4/2017

I love them.

One of my local pubs does pickled eggs. They used to just have one variety, but now they have upwards of 10.

I have not made my own, although this seems like something I should explore.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 17:50 Tue 4/4/2017

Love em!

beers 11264 º places 357 º 17:59 Tue 4/4/2017

Never had one, but I’ll have to try one now.

beers 11445 º places 418 º 18:47 Tue 4/4/2017

I bought a jar of the Garner’s brand, and found the eggs nearly inedible. No spices or herbs, only extremely strong and sharp white vinegar. Nobody liked them. I also have an unopened jar of Pandora brand, I hope they will be less extreme.

A lot of Fish and Chip shops in England have a large jar of them by the till. Despite eating frogs and snails in France, Rabbits bollocks in Malta and Burger King in Milton Keynes. I have never tried Pickled Eggs at the local chippie at the top of my road.

beers 154 º places 1 º 19:27 Tue 4/4/2017

Love them. I make the pickled red beet style eggs (PA Dutch style) for Easter and picnics.

beers 4282 º places 179 º 19:52 Tue 4/4/2017

Don’t love them but I eat them on occasion. My grandma and mom loved them. I highly prefer the pickled hot sausages over eggs.

A king amongst pickles. I do love a pickled egg. My mum makes them occasionally.

Will see if I can get a jar for Cotts to break Sarky’s duck

beers 7540 º places 736 º 05:21 Wed 4/5/2017

Chris "Podge" Pollard has been making "gourmet" pickled eggs for many years.
A lot of chillies generally seem to be involved.

I can take them or leave them and I’ve never tried making them myself. They wouldn’t be popular in our household - Boudicca can’t stand eggs, or more precisely, the white parts of them.

beers 6479 º places 117 º 07:45 Wed 4/5/2017

I love pickled eggs, but I have never seen them at a bar before. What areas of the world is this common in?

I do love that bruin cafés in the Netherlands often have hard-boiled eggs available at the bar, with some of the more old school places (though, admittedly, probably not the kind of places a lot of RB folks would want to spend much time at) offering them for free.